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The Ultimate Wix Guide

There are a wealth of site builders available for you to choose from these days. There’s too many to parse through on your own. You’ve heard of plenty, but don’t really know which one is the best, or even how to tell which is the best. You need something easy to use, that doesn’t require coding skills, but it still has to make professional looking websites.

Look no more! Wix is everything you’re looking for in a site builder. We’ve taken the time to compare Wix to other site builders and really analyze all of its features, benefits, and how you can get the best website possible out of it. This is a doozy of a topic to cover, so we’ve broken it down into common important questions you need to know in order to make your decision. We’ve also included comparative breakdowns between Wix and other well-known site builders.

In our Ultimate Wix Guide we’ll cover everything you need to know about Wix. From prices, to using the Wix Editor, to examples of live sites made with Wix, and more. There’s a lot to explore, and a lot that makes Wix the easiest site builder out there, even for complete and total beginners.

We’ve done our research and we’re in this for the long haul. Grab a snack and get comfy. We’re about to dive in with this Ultimate Wix Guide!

Wix Templates

Wix Templates - Wix Promo CodePart of what makes Wix so great is their website templates. They have hundreds of templates to choose from, with more being added all the time! With such a wide variety of templates to choose from, the thought of sorting through them all to find the perfect one may seem daunting. Luckily, Wix has you covered there, too!

While you can certainly just browse through the tens of pages of templates, Wix offers a handy sidebar to make the search easier. You can choose to see only the newest templates, or the most popular ones. If you really want to focus on making the template your own, you can also select only blank templates.

However, maybe you’re looking for the right feel, or something that you know will mesh well with your website’s topic or focus. For that, Wix has created a super helpful Categories section in their sidebar. They have popular categories like Business, Creative Arts, Online Store, Travel & Tourism and more! Not only that, but each category is further narrowed down into subcategories. You can either sort by a full category, or a specific subcategory.

On the other hand, if you’re not really sure which category would best suit your needs, there’s still another way to find your perfect template: the search function. In addition to being able to sort so many ways, Wix also allows you to search for keywords and will bring up templates that match. So if you’re not really sure which categories to look at, try using a keyword related to your site, instead.

Great as all these templates are, they’re really just a start. Wix can get you set up with the perfect design for you to make your own! So when you’re searching, don’t take the templates at face value. It’s amazing what changing the color scheme and adding your own images can do to change the atmosphere of your website.

As you’re searching through templates to find the right one, Wix allows you to Preview any template you might be interested in. This is a great way to be able to see for yourself what your side could look like! Plus, when you’re previewing site templates, you can view both the Desktop and Mobile versions. This makes it so easy to see how your site will translate to either screen type, and all before you even put any hard work in! This way you’ll never make the perfect desktop site, realize it doesn’t look how you’d like on mobile, and be stuck starting all over from scratch. You can know exactly how it will look right from the start.

As you can see, Wix has everything you could need to get started. In fact, you can go browse through their templates before you even make an account. And unlike other site-making websites, every single one of Wix’s templates are free! You don’t have to worry about finding the perfect template, and then being faced with an upcharge to use it. Every single template Wix has available is free for any user to select.

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So it’s time to build your website. You have a strong sense of aesthetic, but no coding skills to go along with it. You’re looking for something with lots of template options to get you started. The easier to use it is the better. Maybe there’s a couple people who will also need access to work on the site. And hey, you’re just starting out, so cheaper is better, and honestly a free option would be ideal. One less bill to pay each month while you build your brand, be it personal or business. So then the question is, which site builder should you use? Wix or SquareSpace?

Wix vs Swuarespace - Wix Promo Code

We’ve taken a long hard look at both Wix and SquareSpace for you. Overall, while SquareSpace isn’t bad, we found Wix to be a better choice for most users. Rather than just taking our word for it, we’ll run you through exactly what features (or lack) led us to this conclusion.

The first factor we’ll look at is their useability. How user friendly are these site builders? When you’re using a site builder it has to be easy to use. Who wants to mess around with a difficult user interface and get frustrated when something like this should be simple? While both Wix and SquareSpace work smoothly, the user interface on Wix’s Editor is a delight to work with. In one word: intuitive. Dragging and dropping to move bits around or simply clicking on an element to see your editing options. You may never have touched Wix Editor in your life, but we bet you can already navigate it like a pro.

SquareSpace, by comparison, is not quite as simple as Wix. We will say it is getting easier to use with each iteration. There’s still a bit of a learning curve with SquareSpace. If you take the time to learn its ways you’ll be in good shape. However, if you want to be designing your site straight out of the gate, Wix is by far and away your best bet.

Next, we’ll take a look at pricing. Once again, Wix take the point. This one is an easy call. Wix currently has six Premium Plans: three for general websites, and three for business and eCommerce. These range in price and features and you can see the current details here. What really sets Wix ahead though is that it also offers a free package. You can get a professional-looking website on Wix with a Wix domain for absolutely free! They have options for connecting or purchasing domains as well, which you can explore here.

Now, looking at SquareSpace they currently don’t have a free option at all. If you absolutely want to go with SquareSpace you should be prepared to pay for it. Similar to Wix Premium Plans, SquareSpace Plans have options for general websites and for online stores. They have four options, two for websites and two for online stores. You can check their current plans here.

At this time, Wix offers more plans, their plans are generally cheaper, and they offer a completely free option while SquareSpace does not. The features you get with comparable plans on either site are fairly similar, so it mostly comes down to the dollars. Once again, Wix easily wins out over SquareSpace.

Now that we’ve looked at prices, let’s see what it is you’re paying for (or not paying for, if you make a free Wix site). That’s right, we’re going to take a look at the different features these two site builders offer.

First we’ll look at Wix. Wix has literally hundreds of templates you can use, absolutely free. All of which are also easily viewable on different screens, meaning they’ll work just as well on mobile devices as they will on computer screens. They also offer a Mobile Editor so you can make sure the mobile view of your site is tailored exactly how you like it.

We’d like to take a moment here and talk about changing templates. Wix does not directly allow you to change templates. While many view this as a fault, we honestly think it’s better this way. The process for changing your site from one template to another means picking out your new template and customizing it from scratch. With an import feature, if you went from one template to a vastly different one, there would be issues with things not being directly applicable. It’s like moving into a new house and expecting the layout to be identical to your old one. Things get shuffled around, and you’d spend a ton of time finding the differences that you didn’t know about and fixing small errors. And during that time you’d either have a bad looking website, or else have to take it offline while you fix everything.

So instead, Wix lets you work on multiple sites at once. You can pick your new template, customize it to be exactly perfect with it offline, behind the scenes. Then you can switch your domain from the old template to the new one. Your visitors won’t see any mess, and you still get access to a huge range of diverse templates. Plus, you can keep the old one. Maybe you have a big event or holiday relevant to your brand and want a special site for just a little while. Make your event site ahead of time, switch over for the duration, and then switch back! This could be fun for bloggers or other personal sites.

It’s worth noting that what you get is what you get, more or less. With Wix you can’t go in and edit source code. However, given all the templates and customizability, this is barely a blip on the radar, and only affects a small niche.

Even on a free site Wix has all the basic features you’ll need to run tons of different kind of websites. Personal or small business. Blogs, portfolios, restaurants, forums, and more. Either with built-in features, or free apps made by Wix and other creators on the Wix App Market.

The Wix App Market has pretty much any feature you can think of available to you. Many are completely free, some are Premium and have an associated price. However, a lot of the Premium apps have free versions. You can read reviews and see user ratings for Wix Apps on the Market, and read feature lists so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting before you commit to anything.

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Wix also allows you to add other Contributors to your Wix site. This means you can have a team of people who can all access and work on the site. The only downside to this is that there’s not a ton of customization on admin privileges. A little more flexibility would be nice here, but it’s a small part of the larger picture.

Now let’s see how SquareSpace compares to Wix in terms of features. Where Wix has hundreds of templates, SquareSpace offers a little more than 60. Their templates are very nice, there’s no doubt about that. However, if you’re particular and know what you’re looking for, you’ll have better chances finding that perfect template on Wix. The other thing is, because with SquareSpace you can easily transition from one template to another, all their templates have to be compatible. And that compatibility means sameness. They’re great, but it’s like a one-trick pony sort of great.

If you happen to have some coding skills, particularly CSS, SquareSpace does let you dig in to that source code and tweak things to your liking. This is the main way SquareSpace excels over Wix. Unfortunately, it will only help out a particular user base. If you can’t code, or pay someone to do it for you, this feature is completely useless to you.

Just like with Wix, SquareSpace’s templates are designed for our current world of mobile and desktop devices. You’ll rest assured that your site will display in a way that’s mobile-friendly. However, you better be happy with the default mobile view, because SquareSpace doesn’t have a mobile editor. Really the only thing you can do is enable or disable the Mobile Information Bar. Even that is currently only available for Website Business Plan and up, so it’s very restricted.

SquareSpace is all in. You get what you get. There’s no App Market like with Wix, so if something isn’t there from the get-go you aren’t getting it without some coding or maybe a major update and some luck. SquareSpace is still a viable option for many different kinds of sites, but it’s pretty clear the site builder is for those with coding knowledge.

SquareSpace does have one feature that Wix doesn’t, and that’s importing and exporting ability. With SquareSpace you can import data, such as a blog, from certain sites, including Tumblr and WordPress. SquareSpace also allows you to export your site’s content to WordPress. While this is nice, again it’s not something that is widely applicable to most users.

SquareSpace also offers more levels for back-end site users. Meaning you have a little more control over who has what access for people besides you that also work on the site. It’s not much, but it is there.

At the end of the day, Wix still proves to be better in general with its features. The features that SquareSpace offers and Wix lacks are fairly specific. Most users won’t even notice.

This brings us to our final point of comparison: customer support. It’s completely reasonable to assume that at some point in your site building, regardless of platform, that you’ll have questions. So, who does a better job when you do run into any problems?

First, let’s take a look at what Wix has at your disposal. In addition to the standard phone line (5am to 5pm PST, Monday through Friday) you can also contact Wix through email by submitted a ticket. Their phone line also offers a Callback system so you can submit a ticket and receive your answer on the phone without navigating a phone menu. The only thing Wix is missing is a Live Chat feature, but they have other solutions that make it a sort of moot point.

Wix also has an extensive support knowledge base full of articles for nearly any problem. You can search their knowledge base, and chances are you’ll find your answer. However, if you don’t Wix also offers a forum. It’s entirely possible your exact question has been asked and answered already, and a simple search can take you to it. Or, if it’s something that hasn’t been answered yet, you can post it yourself and get help from the community. Plus new threads add to the value of the forum as a whole, adding more answers for future Wix users.

The last thing we’d like to mention about Wix’s customer support is help built right in with their Editor. Any element on your Wix site that you can customize has a little question icon you can click on to read about the element in question. This makes it super easy to learn as you go, without having to navigate away from your work.

While the support options we’ve listed so far are all free to any user, Wix also offers VIP support, if your plan includes it. VIP support means you get top priority over other users, so if every second counts VIP support has you covered.

As for SquareSpace, they took a different approach to support. They don’t have a phone line. They do offer email support. They also have a Live Chat support feature, available 4am to 8pm EST on weekdays only. SquareSpace also has a community forum, just like Wix.

With customer support both sites come out fairly even. However, Wix’s built-in help system in the Editor and their live callback wait times right on their contact page (generally under 5 minutes) puts them in the lead here as well.

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There you have it! From useability and features to pricing and customer support Wix wins in all categories. Free options, their huge selection of templates, the Wix App Market, and their clear-cut and expansive support options set Wix above SquareSpace.



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Wix Editor

The Wix Editor uses an extremely intuitive visual editing interface. Even if you know nothing about making a website, you’ll be able to use the Wix Editor and make a professional-looking site with ease. It’s incredibly easy, but let’s go over the two main components of the Wix Editor here.

Wix EditorFirst, let’s take it from the top by going over the top bar. This, as you may have guessed, it the bar along the top of the Wix Editor screen. The top bar is fairly straightforward. You have your site page drop-down menu, so you can easily navigate between pages while you edit. The Site menu allows you to do things like publish or save your site, or check out your site’s history. Settings will take you to your dashboard. Tools contains helpful tools for editing, like gridlines. Code will allow you to enable Wix Code for advanced editing. Help is self-explanatory and connects you with help articles without navigating away from the Wix Editor. If you’re thinking you’re ready for a Premium Plan, Wix has an Upgrade button on the top bar as well. Next are some items you’re probably familiar with: Zoom In/Out, and Undo and Redo buttons, just to make your life a little easier. And lastly we have some buttons to help you check your site. Mobile will bring up what your site looks like on mobile devices. Save does just that. Preview allows you to navigate your site as it will appear to visitors before you publish. Publish makes your new site or your existing site’s changes live for the world to see.

Whenever you click on an element of your site in the Wix Editor, the sidebar menu on the left is your editing toolkit. From the sidebar you can change control the Background of the current page. You can also Add new elements to the page. There’s a button for the Wix App Market if you need to add some new apps. Plus you can control your uploaded files with My Uploads, things like your logo or other images and documents. The Promote button gives you options for promoting your site, like newsletters. If your site offers reservations the Bookings section lets you set up classes and appointments. Lastly, if you run a blog the Blog section manages things like new blogs or new posts.

These are the standard functions on the sidebar menu. However, if your site uses certain features, like a store, there may be more options available for controlling those features on the sidebar menu.

Wix vs WordPress

You want to start a blog, make a portfolio site, or a site for your small business. You’ve heard great things about both Wix and WordPress, and aren’t sure which is the right service for you. That’s what we’re here for. We’ve taken the time to compare both services for you. While we found Wix to be the better choice in general, you can keep reading to see how we broke it down and decide for yourself. Please note we’re comparing Wix and WordPress.com, the hosted service, as opposed to WordPress.org, which is self-hosted.

WIX vs WordPress - Promo CodeFirst, we want to take a look at their usability. How easy it is with either service to make and manage a website? Let’s start with Wix. Wix has an amazing visual editor. You’d be hard pressed to find something more intuitive than the Wix Editor. It’s as simple as clicking and dragging to move elements around your site, or simply clicking on the element to select it and see all your editing options in the sidebar menu. Plus, each element or feature has a question symbol available if you need help, integrated right into the Wix Editor.

WordPress can take a bit of untangling to use. While it’s also fairly straightforward, we found navigating the editor in WordPress to be an effort compared to Wix. Menus and sub-menus work, but not as efficiently as we’d like. Basically, there is some drag and drop, but it’s all in the side menu. The visual part of the editor shows you the changes real-time before you save changes or publish the site. Plus, in order to get the best out of your site, having some coding skills comes in handy. Wix is completely code-less.

The other issue we have with WordPress’s editor is that there’s often a disconnect between what you see and what you get. The editor may not display things as they’ll appear on the live site. This means lots of tweaking to make sure the real site looks good, and double-checking everything. Even if it looks nice in the editor, it may not translate exactly like that to the live site.

Next we’ll compare the pricing options. Both Wix and WordPress offer free and paid plans. Wix currently has six Premium Plans, for either general websites or business and eCommerce sites. Plus Wix has one Connect Domain only plan, as low as $5/mo. From free to cheap and beyond there’s certainly a Wix plan that will work for you. You can check their Premium Plans’ latest prices here.

WordPress also has a host of options when it comes to price. They have four basic plans: Free, Personal, Premium, and Business. However, the plugin, SEO, and Google Analytics features (plus many more) are reserved for their Business plan. The Business plan is a huge jump in price compared to the other plans. In fact, there’s little reason to move beyond the Free or Personal plans unless you jump all the way to Business. Premium sits in a weird space. Business unlocks tons of options for your site. This vast distance between plan pricing and features make their options very rigid. You can see WordPress’s current prices here.

While both and cheap and free options, Wix takes the cake for its many different plans. You’ll get a lot more flexibility in your budget with Wix than you will with WordPress.

Third, we’ll look at the suite of features each site offers, and what kinds of sites you can build. Let’s start with Wix. Firstly, Wix has hundreds (actually around 500+) different templates you can start out with. Every single template on Wix is free to use and customize. Every template works as well on mobile as it does on desktop. Wix even has a Mobile Editor so you can tweak the mobile view until it’s flawless.

With Wix you can design multiple sites. That means you can use different templates. However, your domain can obviously only be fixed to one at a time. Your paid plan also only connects to one domain, meaning if you want to use Wix to build multiple live sites you’ll need a plan for each of them. This is the same with WordPress. With Wix’s seemingly endless list of varied templates to choose from, switching templates is more or less impossible. Think of it like putting your foot in the wrong shoe. Yeah, you can do it, but it doesn’t fit properly. It just doesn’t work right. If you need to change templates you’ll have to start from scratch customizing the new template. Then just switch to the new site with a click.

While some might view this as a problem, it’s a lot easier to work from the ground up and know you aren’t missing that one little thing that just didn’t transfer over from the old template. Plus, for some personal sites, it might be fun to make special sites for special occasions! Maybe you’re getting married and want to decorate your personal site for the occasion, but then switch it back afterwards. You can make the event site ahead of time, and then just switch between them with ease. Honestly, we think that would be pretty great.

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While Wix has a ton of features already included by default, if you need more you can access the Wix App Market. They have tons of apps you can add to your site for free, and some that are Premium and cost money. Luckily, plenty of the Premium apps have free versions as well. The Wix App Market is great. You can easily see what features the app offers, how much it is, read user reviews, and see its average user rating. Even with free apps, that level of information at your fingertips is great.

Another nice feature Wix offers is contributors. You can give multiple people access to the site’s back-end. If you’re working with a team, this is an invaluable feature. Each user has their own unique account to log-in with, but have shared access to the site and its Wix Editor.

With its huge variety of templates and the Wix App Market Wix becomes a viable option for pretty much any kind of site. Portfolio, shop, forum, blog, landing page, and even more.

Now we’ll look at WordPress’s features. WordPress is a very robust site builder. With that comes complexity. It’s worth noting that a significant chunk of its features are in support of blog sites. That makes sense, considering WordPress first started out doing blogs, and eventually expanded from there.

While WordPress does offer tons of templates which they call “Themes”. They even have handy banners that highlight Themes that are good for beginners. However, unlike Wix, not all of their Themes are free. Some come free with the free plan, sure. However, some of their Themes are Premium. You have to pay to use the Premium themes. Nothing’s worse than finding the perfect template for your site and then seeing it’s $40-80 to use.

Similar to the Wix App Market, WordPress offers Plugins. Plugins function the same as Wix’s apps. Just like the Wix App Market you can see reviews, ratings, and features before you install. Unfortunately, WordPress locks plugins behind a paywall; you can’t install any new plugins unless you subscribe to their most expensive plan. This is a fairly severe blow for WordPress when comparing it to Wix. Wix’s App Market is available even at the free level, even if not every app is free. At least you still have some options, unlike WordPress.

While WordPress can obviously be used for more than blogs, many features for such sites are either going to require their Business plan, or else coding skills. Wix is more versatile with its features, and offers more things you can do for free.

Lastly, let’s compare Wix and WordPress in terms of their customer support. Wix has quite a lot going for it in terms of support, with one small drawback. First, they have a phone line you can call to receive support. If you submit a ticket through their support site it’s even more streamlined, as you can set up a callback rather than dealing with navigating phone menus. Plus, on the same page it will tell you right away what the expected wait time is, and it’s generally 5 minutes, tops. The support line is available from 5am to 5pm PST, Monday through Friday.

On the other hand, Wix also has an extensive knowledge base. For a lot of things a simple search will net you the answer you seek, with very little hassle. We mentioned before, too, they have support built-in to the Wix Editor. So a lot of the time you may not even need to go to the knowledge base. Instead, let Wix bring the knowledge to you.

The third major way you can receive support from Wix is through their forum. There’s a good chance your question has been asked before, if it’s not in the knowledge base. So you can search the forum and see what solutions people have found. On the off chance you don’t see a previous post with your question, then you have a full community there to help you figure it out. At the same time, you’ll be contributing to users who run into this problem in the future. It’s a win-win!

Now, we did mention one small drawback. While Wix has tons of ways it offers support to its users, they don’t offer live chat. It’s a bit of a bummer, but with so many other avenues for support it honestly hardly matters.

Lastly, if you opt for a VIP Plan with Wix you’ll get access to VIP Priority Support. That means any ticket you submit gets top priority over free users. We love this model because it doesn’t restrict free users, but still gives value to paid users.

Now we’ll look at how WordPress stacks up. WordPress, as we’ve come to learn, loves to lock things behind their payment plans. If you want a free site on WordPress the only support they offer is their community support. That means forums. From their first paid plan and up offer you both email support and live chat support. WordPress does not provide phone support for its users, paid or otherwise.

While at first glance it might seem like a toss up (phone support vs. live chat support) there’s more to consider. WordPress offers no support except to its paying customers. Free users must rely on the community. On the other hand, Wix offers support to all its users, free and paid. However, they still give value to the money spent by paid users by giving them priority. This is more than fair, and shows they value even their free users. This is the kind of thinking we can get behind, and really puts Wix over the top as far as customer support goes when compared to WordPress.

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Ease of use, pricing options, features and support. Wix beats out WordPress in all categories for its flexibility and overall painless design. WordPress is definitely a good site for blogs, and more than blogs if you have the money and time to invest in it. Wix still comes out as the clear winner, though.



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Wix Customer Service

Wix has some great customer service. They’ve made ease of use their brand and that extends to their support net. If you have a Wix-related question, you have several options for finding a solution.

First, Wix has integrated their knowledge base into the Wix Editor. For any element of your site you click on, you’ll see a question icon. That question icon will give you knowledge base information relevant to that element! This integration is an amazing feature. It easily allows you to learn as you work, with an already super intuitive editor.

Wix Customer Service

Click Here to Visit the Support Center

Your second option is their phone support line. You can reach the line directly by calling this number: 1 (800) 600-0949 The phone line is available from 5am to 5pm PST Monday through Fridays. If you don’t feel like navigating a phone menu (and after all, who does?) you can also choose to go here and use the menu on their computer. This will bring up a relevant support article, and a Click to Contact link for contact options. While yes, either way you have to use a menu, it’s so much simpler (and quicker!) to glance over them on your screen than it is to sit and wait and listen. Plus, if you choose to submit a ticket this way you can opt to have Wix call you, not the other way around! They will even tell you the estimated wait time for a callback (and generally it’s under 5 minutes).

Following the same link and steps above to contact Wix, you can opt to contact them through email if you prefer that to phone conversations. The only thing missing is live chat.

In addition to their phone support, email support, and their extensive knowledge base, Wix also offers a forum. In the rare event your answer isn’t available in the knowledge base, you can search in the forum. Chances are, someone else has asked the same question, but if not then you can post and get answers from other Wix users. Plus, your thread could end up being useful to other users in the future with the same questions.

While all of this is available to free users, Wix offers VIP plans as well. With a VIP plan your tickets will take top priority. This means faster callbacks, and faster email responses.

Overall, despite the lack of live chat support, Wix really does have everything you’ll need at your fingertips in terms of customer support. They offer tons of methods to find the answers to your questions, and all of them are available for all users. Even so, they still add value to the VIP packages by prioritization of VIP user questions over other users. This is an excellent support model that clearly shows they value all their users, paid or not.

Wix Review

If you’re looking to build a website and want its creation and maintenance to be as easy, intuitive, and painless as possible there’s no better site builder than Wix.

From start to finish making a Wix site is easy. You can get started for free, or sign up for a Premium Plan. They have plans for personal sites, small business sites, portfolio site, eCommerce sites, and more.

Wix Review Promo CodeOnce you’ve decided on your plan you can take a look at the hundreds of Wix templates. Every template is available for every user, even free users, and more are constantly being added. They hold nothing back. Plus, if finding and customizing a template is too overwhelming for you, they offer Wix ADI. That’s Wix Artificial Design Intelligence. Wix will guide you through a few very basic questions to find out what kind of site you want to build, and around what themes. From there you can simply select one of its designs catered specifically to your site, and voila! Just fill it in with your own text, logo, and specific images and you’re good to go! The ADI Editor is as simple and easy as it gets. There’s nothing quite like it anywhere else.

If you do choose to go with selecting a template you’ll be able to customize it thoroughly in the Wix Editor. The Wix Editor is extremely intuitive to use. It’s as easy as using a mouse, honestly. You get a display that shows your site, as visitors will see it, and can click on any element to see your editing options. Plus, moving things around is a simple click and drag. If you ever find yourself wondering about a particular element, just click on it and look for the question icon. Wix’s knowledge base is built-in to the Wix Editor so you can learn while you work on your site, no navigating away to search!

Wix also supports a Mobile Editor. Every Wix template is already compatible with both desktop and mobile views, so you can rest easy knowing that your site looks great on any device. However, if you want to tweak the mobile view to your liking it’s easy with the Mobile Editor.

While Wix offers many features by default, there might be something else you’re looking for. For anything not already in the Wix Editor you can search the Wix App Market. There are tons of free apps, and also some paid apps. Many paid apps also have free versions available, so you can pretty much guarantee you’ll stay in budget, whatever your budget is. One great free app that Wix themselves have in the Wix App Market is their Forum App. This is an easy way to add a community forum to your Wix site.

Wix is an extremely user-friendly site builder as it is entirely codeless. That means you will never need coding knowledge to make a site on Wix. Having said that, Wix does have a feature that is a little confusingly named Wix Code. No, don’t worry! It’s still codeless. Wix Code is basically a web app builder. You can create some dynamic effects across your site, like trigger events under certain conditions. This can include things like an overlay that pops up prompting new users to join your mailing list. You can allow this to happen dynamically on any page, rather than having it locked to just the homepage for example.

The customer support offered by Wix is also top-notch. Although they don’t have live chat support, they do have phone support which you can either call directly, or submit a ticket to have them call you. If you’re not into over-the-phone, you can opt for an email response when you submit a ticket. Wix also has an enormous knowledge base with pretty much every question you can think of already answered. Plus, as we mentioned it’s integrated into the Wix Editor, making everything that much easier. Finally, Wix also has a support community forum. There you can search for questions not in the knowledge base, or if it hasn’t been asked before you can ask it yourself, and contribute to users who may search that question in the future.

Overall, Wix is quite an incredible service for site building. Useability and user-friendliness is clearly their brand, and they’ve done an amazing job making sure they live up to it. There are plenty of options for any budget. Plus their hundreds of templates and easy-to-use Wix Editor allow you to make nearly any type of site you could ever want. It’s all codeless, and on the off chance you run into an issue they have great customer support options and customer service. If you’re ready to build a site, there’s nowhere better than Wix to do so.

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Wix Premium Plans

Wix offers a variety of Premium Plans for all users. They have two basic types of Premium Plan: for Websites, and for Business & eCommerce. Let’s start by looking at their Website plans.

Wix Premium PlansWix promotes three different Website plans, though there is a fourth, and it’s the cheapest. The Connect Domain Plan allows you to use all the free features of Wix, but with a domain you’ve purchased from Wix or elsewhere. With this you will also net up to 500GB of storage, and 1GB of bandwidth.

Next is their Combo Plan. The Combo Plan is best for personal sites. You’ll receive 2GB of bandwidth and up to 3GB of storage, as well as being able to connect your own domain. Plus you’ll be able to post videos totaling up to 30 minutes in length, and remove Wix ads. Additionally, if you get a yearly plan Wix will give you a free domain for one year.

The middle plan for Websites is their Unlimited Plan. The Unlimited Plan is perfect for freelancers and entrepreneurs. This is only slightly more expensive than the Combo Plan. With it you’ll get unlimited bandwidth and up to 10GB of storage, as well as all the features of the Combo Plan. Your total video time will double to 1 hour. With a yearly plan you will also get Wix’s Premium Apps (Site Booster and Form Builder) and $300 ad vouchers.

The final Website plan Wix offers is the VIP Plan. Along with everything in the Unlimited Plan you will be upgraded to up to 20GB of storage, and doubled again to up to 2 total hours of video. Plus, you will receive Priority VIP support if you need to contact Wix for any issues.

Wix’s Business & eCommerce plans start with the Business Basic Plan. The Business Basic Plan is the most basic plan that will allow you to have a shop on your Wix site. You will be able to accept online payments (with multiple options such as credit cards and PayPal) and it will all be commission-free! You will get unlimited bandwidth and up to 20GB of storage. You will be able to use up to 5 hours of video, cumulatively, on your site. Plus, you’ll be able to connect your own domain, whether you purchase it from Wix or anywhere else. And you’ll be able to remove Wix’s ads from your site. This plan also allows you to integrate Google Analytics into your site. Plus, if you subscribe to an annual plan you’ll receive a free domain for one year, Wix’s Premium Apps (Site Booster and Form Builder) and $300 ad vouchers.

The next plan up for Business & eCommerce is the Business Unlimited Plan. This will net you everything in the Business Basic plan, plus upgrade you to up to 35GB of storage and up to 10 hours total of video. You’ll also be able to send up to 20 email campaigns per month, totaling up to 100,000 emails. That lets you work with a mailing list of up to 5,000 people. For a yearly subscription you will get the same benefits as the yearly subscription on the Business Basic Plan.

The final plan that Wix offers for Business & eCommerce is the Business VIP Plan. This plan gets you everything that the Business Unlimited Plan does. Plus, you’ll be upgraded to up to 50GB of storage and up to 30 total hours of video. With a yearly subscription you will get the same bonuses as a yearly subscription with the Business Unlimited plan. The Business VIP plan will also net you access to VIP Support, which means if you ever need to submit a ticket it will get priority over non-VIP members.

To see current prices for all plans, click here.

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Wix vs Weebly

Okay so you’re ready to make your website. You’ve done some research and narrowed it down to two options: Wix and Weebly. Both are known for being easy to use, so how do you decide which one is best for you? We’ve been there, and we found Wix to be the better choice in general. You don’t have to take us at our word, though. We’ll walk you through our comparison of the two and show you exactly how we figured it out.

Wix vs WeeblySince both Wix and Weebly are known for their streamlined usability, let’s start there! First, we’ll look at Wix. The Wix Editor takes intuitive to a new level. You have a view of your site and can move things simply by clicking and dragging. The Wix Editor shows exactly how your site will look when viewed live by your visitors, so you can fine-tune the positions of each element to the pixel perfect position, either by clicking and dragging or by inputting coordinates.

While Weebly is also easy to use and intuitive, its editor has more restrictions in place. With Wix you have free reign of your site. With Weebly, site elements are locked into containers. The end results can still look very nice, but there really isn’t much benefit to holding your site back like that.

Now let’s talk pricing. After all, if it’s out of your budget then it’s of no use to you. Luckily, both Wix and Weebly have several different Premium Plans available. Wix offers a variety of plans. They have three plan options for general sites, and three more for business and eCommerce sites. Plus, a simpler option as low as $5/mo to just use connect your own domain. Wix also has the option to be completely free. You can build and host your site for free on Wix if you’re okay with a sub-domain and ads. You can see the current prices for Wix’s Premium Plans here.

Weebly has a similar structure, however they distinguish their plans by websites and online stores. They have three plans for websites, Starter, Pro, and Business, plus a free option as well. For online stores they have no free option, but four different paid options: Starter, Pro, Business, and Performance. You can check Weebly’s current prices here.

We’ve covered useability and pricing which brings us to the big one: features. Let’s take a look at what Wix has to offer. First of all, they have roughly 500 templates. The best part? Every single template is free to use. That’s right, any user on any plan can use any template. Find the look you’re going for, and use the wonderful Wix Editor to customize it until it’s uniquely yours.

We do want to note here that with Wix you cannot simply switch templates. Partially because they offer such a wide variety of templates sites simply can’t transfer easily. It’s like moving. You can’t expect the layout to be the same in your new place, and you may have to move things around. Little bits and pieces might get lost, and you’ll have to do some cleaning.

However, it’s not all bad. You can change templates if you start from scratch. This seems like a hassle, but Wix lets you manage multiple site layouts at a time. So you can keep your finished site up while you customize your new template behind the scenes. Plus, this opens the way for some fun features. Say you want to really spookify your site with a special Halloween template for the month of October. Pick your template, get it all ready ahead of time, and then simply switch to using the festive Halloween one when it’s time! Then, after Halloween, simply switch it back to your original design. This is a really fun way to decorate your blog or personal site for events and holidays, while still saving your original design.

The Wix Editor is really nice. We know, we’ve mentioned. But it’s worth repeating how easy it is to use. Plus, with the Wix Editor there’s no surprises. Nothing gets lost in translation between the Editor and you clicking that Publish button. You can rest easy as you work that your visitors will see everything as you laid it out, down to the pixel.

While the Wix Editor has a lot of features included, there’s always going to be more that users will need. This is where the Wix App Market comes into play. The Wix App Market has a huge collection of apps you can add to your Wix site. Many are free, but some are Premium and will cost money to use. Even so, many of the Premium apps have free versions you can use as well.

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Wix also offers the ability to have multiple contributors working on the same site. You can send email invites to allow your team access to the site, if you need multiple people managing it. This is a vastly helpful feature for collaborative projects or small businesses.

Weebly has its fair share of features as well. Although it has a weak start when compared to Wix as far as its templates go. Where Wix has hundreds of templates (and counting), Weebly only has dozens. They have a little over 50 templates. Considering there is less customization with their templates, and fewer templates, we have to side with Wix on this one.

Something else we’d like to mention is regarding eCommerce plans. While, yes you need an paid plan to make a store on Wix, their stores are free of commissions. With Weebly, not only are you paying to be able to have a store, Weebly is also taking a commission out of your sales where Wix does not. Once again, Wix wins out.

The biggest benefit Weebly features that Wix does not is the ability to use your own HTML code in your site. This will only affect a small portion of users, however. We still rate Wix’s code-less usability over Weebly.

Finally, let’s take a look at customer support. The final line of defense between you and a frustrating afternoon, or more. Wix offers several avenues of help to its users, with one small thing that’s missing. First, Wix has a dedicated support line you can call. They are open from 5am to 5pm PST Monday through Friday. You can call the line directly, or submit a ticket on their website. We personally prefer the latter, because as you submit the ticket not only can you choose to have Wix call you (and avoid those annoying phone menus), but they’ll also give you an estimated time on the callback then and there. It’s generally less than a 5 minute wait, which is fine by us. If you don’t want to call, they also have email support.

Secondly, Wix has built up a gigantic knowledge base. For the vast majority of questions and issues, there’s a simple, detailed article you can read, plus related articles. The knowledge base is even built-in to the Wix Editor. Elements of your site on the Wix Editor will have a question icon when you click on them. The icon leads to information about the element from the knowledge base. So you can get many answers on the fly, instead of having to search them out.

The last big support Wix offers is their support forum. Here you can search tons of previously asked and answered questions about Wix, and learn tips and tricks from the community. If your question hasn’t already been answered, you can simply post and let the community help you out. This also helps other users in the future who may run into the same question, which is awesome.

The only missing element to Wix’s superb customer support is live chat. That’s it, they simply don’t have live chat. However, with the huge and integrated knowledge base, the phone line, and community forum, we doubt you’ll really miss it.

Weebly has fairly decent customer support as well. You can visit their support center or inspiration center. They also offer support through email, over the phone, or on live chat. While having the live chat is nice, the integration of support with Wix is really great. Live chat just doesn’t top it.

And that’s it! Wix comes out on top in every category. While Weebly might be good for some people, and it does have its fans, if you’re not already really into it then Wix is the way to go.



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Wix Log In

Can’t find the login page for Wix? Check it out right here. If you’re using a private computer, you can also check the Remember Me box for easier login in the future. You can login with your Wix account, or login with Facebook or Google.

If you don’t have an account, sign up for one! It’s easy, and free!

Wix eCommerce

Wix eCommerceThe first two things you need to know about eCommerce on Wix is that 1) you need one of their Business & eCommerce premium plans, and 2) Wix does not take commissions from your sales. So, yes, if you want to make an online store on Wix you will need to pay for the privilege, but unlike other site builders you won’t have to worry about commissions. You can view their current prices and all of their Premium Plans here, but only the three plans under Business & eCommerce will allow you to set up shop.

Once you have that taken care of it’s time to start working on your store! Wix has hundreds of templates, and while not all of them include shops, many do. Find the one that speaks to you and then head into the super intuitive Wix Editor and start making it your own. Once you have the basics done you can start adding products.

Wix eCommerce Promo Code

Wix eCommerce supports coupon codes and sales. They also support worldwide shipping and tax. Plus, all their templates are optimized for mobile, so you can rest easy knowing your store looks great no matter what kind of devices your customers are using! Wix Editor supports mobile editing as well, so you can make sure it’s absolutely perfect.

There’s quite a lot that’s great about Wix’s eCommerce. You can accept payment from many different sources, such as PayPal and credit cards. Checkout is easy and secure. Plus it’s easy to track your orders and inventory with Wix. And Wix keeps you updated on orders through email, so you know it’s time to ship something out! On the customer end, Wix offers confirmation emails for their peace of mind. Wix supports shopping bags that are easily accessible to customers as they shop.

In addition to sales and coupon codes, Wix can also help you drive traffic with its ShoutOuts. ShoutOuts let you send newsletters to your customers. This way you can keep them up to date on new products, restocks, and sales and deals. Wix’s eCommerce is both great for you, and great for your customers.

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Contact Wix

If you run into an issue with Wix or just need help, don’t worry. Wix has experts on hand to help you with any problem! Their call center is open Monday through Friday, from 5AM to 5PM Pacific Standard Time, excluding holidays. The number for their call center is 1-800-600-0949. Even better, if you don’t want to wait around on hold, Wix offers a call back service. You can join the queue to talk to a representative, and when one is available they’ll call you! Turnaround for callbacks is generally around 5 minutes.

If you don’t have a pressing issue that needs to be handled right away, or just don’t like over the phone support, you can also submit a ticket and get a response over email. Submitting a ticket with Wix is incredibly easy. Just head over to their Contact Wix page! From there you can select the best category for the question at hand. Then there’s one drop down menu to further narrow down your query. Two simple clicks and Wix will pull up the best support article from their knowledge base for your issue! For simple things they’ll even provide direct links to the right page for your problem! It even displays an estimated time for how long it will take to resolve your issue! Pretty cool, honestly.

On the off chance their algorithm brings up a similar issue but doesn’t answer your question, don’t worry, Wix is ahead of the game. They also give you a Contact button right there if you still need to submit a ticket.

If you choose to submit a ticket rather than call their help line, you’ll have to fill out a short form describing your issue. They even allow for a file attachment (up to 5MB) to be submitted with the ticket. Sending a screenshot of your issue can really streamline the entire process, and it’s not something every company offers. Wix knows a picture is worth a thousand words, and it can help their experts best serve you.

When submitting a ticket be sure to include as much detail as possible. The more Wix’s support experts know about your situation the more they’ll be able to help solve it quickly and painlessly. Wix also has great turnaround with their email support. You’ll be able to submit your ticket and move on with the rest of your work, resting easy that a solution will be on its way to you in no time.

Wix Contact Number

You can easily reach Wix’s support call center at 1-800-600-0949.

Wix has a great customer support line. Their call center is open Monday through Friday, 5AM to 5PM PST. They are closed on holidays, so keep that in mind.

Wix gives you two options for contacting their phone line. You can either call them directly, or submit a ticket here. If you opt to submit a ticket, you can use the buttons and drop-down menus online to categorize your issue and avoid navigating the phone menu. Plus, instead of waiting on hold you can opt to receive a callback instead! Wix will provide an estimated wait time for your callback. Generally you can expect one within 5 minutes or less, which is great turnaround!

Overall, Wix makes it extremely easy to get help when you need it. They offer phone support, email support, as well as their knowledge base, and a community forum. Between all those options for support you’re practically guaranteed to get the help you need, fast!

Wix Prices

Wix is a great platform that works with any budget. You can choose to use the site builder entirely free and still build a professional-looking site. Even for those looking to spend money for their site, Wix has options for everyone.

Wix PricesThe cheapest plan offered by Wix is their Connect Domain Plan. With this you’ll get the free features of the site, but with your custom domain instead of a Wix subdomain. This plan is under $5/mo.

In addition to that basic plan, Wix also offers six Premium Plans, divided into Website and Business & eCommerce plans. All Premium Plans include free hosting, no Wix ads on your site, Google Analytics support, Premium Support, increased storage, increased bandwidth, and the ability to have a customized favicon.

Wix’s three Website plans range in price from a little over $10/mo to just under $30/mo.

One of Wix’s three Business & eCommerce Premium Plans is required if you’re planning on opening a web store. It’s worth noting that if you use Wix to build and manage your web store, unlike some services, Wix will never take a commission out of your sales.

The Business & eCommerce plans range from $20/mo to around $35/mo.

You can check Wix’s current prices here. We’d also like to mention that it’s worth checking for coupons and other promotions. Use the link here for % off your Wix Premium Plan. Another way to save is with yearly plans. Pay for Wix annually rather than monthly to get extra features included with your Premium Plan!

Compared to its competitors, Wix offers a great range of prices for any budget. Plus, it has a free option as well. Many services offer free trials, but few will let you use the site builder entirely for free. Wix does a lot to ensure all of its users, paying or not, can make a fantastic website.

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How Much Does Wix Cost

This is the big question people ask when looking at site builders: how much does it cost? The answer will vary person-to-person depending on what kind of site you want to make, but with Wix building your site could even be totally free. Even the paid plans offer a wide range of prices.

The cheapest plan Wix offers is its Connect Domain Plan. This plan, as the name suggests, merely allows you to use the same features as the free version of Wix, but use your own domain instead of using a sub-domain with Wix.

Beyond the Connect Domain Plan Wix has six Premium Plans. Wix has separated these Premium Plans into two categories: Website and Business & eCommerce. Each category has three Premium Plans to choose from. If you know that your website will have a shop then you’ll need to select one of the three Business & eCommerce Premium Plans.

First are the three Website Premium Plans. You can choose from the Combo Plan, Unlimited Plan, or VIP Plan. The Combo Plan is around $11/mo. The Unlimited Plan is a great deal, netting you unlimited bandwidth for only about $14/mo. The VIP Plan is great if you want to jump to the front of the line with Priority Support. It runs around $29/mo.

Next we have the three Business & eCommerce Plans. They are Business Basic, Business Unlimited, and Business VIP. The Business Basic Plan is the cheapest plan if you’re opening a web store. It is around $20/mo. Next is the Business Unlimited Plan, which is a great choice if you plan on running email campaigns with your store. The Business Unlimited Plan is around $25/mo. Last we have the Business VIP Plan. This is Wix’s top plan, packed full to the brim with features, the most storage, and VIP Premium Support. You can get all that and more for around $35/mo.

As you can see, Wix really does have a plan for everyone. Unlike some of their competitors which can have monthly costs in the hundreds, all of Wix’s Premium Plans are reasonably priced. Plus, there are many ways to save with Wix. Click here use our Wix discount and see just how much you can save!

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Wix Tutorial

Wix is incredibly easy to use. Everything about the site is designed with useability in mind. Simplicity is Wix’s brand and every step of the process of building a site with them shows how much effort they put in so that you wouldn’t have to. Still, if you’re a bit wary of setting out on your own, we’ll walk you through getting started. Plus, we’ll set you up with the information and tools you’ll need to become an expert site builder in no time!

Wix TutorialWix starts by asking you a few questions once you’ve made your account. They’ll have you fill in the blanks of this sentence: I want to create a site for (myself, a client, someone else). It should be a (business, blog, store, other) site and I’ve (your experience level). Based on your answers, Wix will ask if you want to get started with a template and use the Wix editor, or if you want Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) to create the site for you.

Wix ADI asks you some simple questions. It’s very easy to follow, prompting you with drop-down options and boxes you can check as needed. Depending on the keyword you chose, Wix will automatically find images that fit and use them in your site. Then it lets you select a theme, and shows off the color schemes, and also gives you a description of the feel your site will have with each theme. Once you’ve gone through the steps (it should only take a minute or two) Wix will offer you several pre-built websites to choose from that fit your chosen parameters. If you need something that looks decent and can be ready in just a few minutes, Wix ADI is a great start! However, you can always go back and choose a template and use Wix Editor instead.

The Wix Editor is simple and easy to use. As long as you can use a mouse you can use the Wix Editor. Your site is displayed exactly how visitors will see it, so you can work without worry. Moving elements around the page is as easy as clicking and dragging. If you ever find yourself confused as to what an element is or does, simply click on it, and click on the question icon. The question icon will bring up information from Wix’s extensive knowledge base to help you in a convenient overlay window. This icon can bring up tutorial videos and how-to’s right in the Wix Editor, so you don’t even have to open a new window or tab or even search for your question!

That’s really all there is to it! It’s easy and take only minutes to get a functioning website. You can explore Wix’s knowledge base for tons of helpful tutorial videos. Plus, they even posted a list on their blog of 10 Essential Tutorials aimed for beginners. Check out their post here.

Wix vs GoDaddy

Wix and GoDaddy are both big names in the site building scene. You might be ready to start your site, but not sure which one to go with. They’re both well-known, and both perform essentially the same function. Still, one is likely to be a better fit. Overall, we find Wix to be a better service in general. Rather than just take us at our word, let’s break down both and compare.

Wix vs Godaddy Website BuilderThe first thing we want to look at is usability. Usability is a key platform of Wix’s brand. They’re known for how easy to use it is. Everything from selecting a template to customizing it in the Wix Editor is incredibly simple. You get a visual editor showing you how your website will look. From there, you can click and drag elements to move them around, or click on them to see what other options you have available. Plus, when you click an element you have a question icon. This is their expansive knowledge base integrated right into the the Wix Editor. So if you run into any questions, you have answers right there already. Plus, your Wix site will appear to your visitors exactly as it does in the Wix Editor. Nothing gets lost in translation, like on some other site builders.

GoDaddy also has a visual editor, but it doesn’t include features like drag and drop. It’s not a bad editor, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the Wix Editor for ease of use. It’s relatively simple, and can certainly get the job done, but Wix is far more intuitive and elegant by comparison.

Next let’s look at pricing. Wix has a number of options. First, you can use Wix completely free if you want. The free option is if you use a wix subdomain. You can upgrade to a Connect Domain plan for roughly $5/mo. Beyond that, Wix also has six Premium Plans. They have divided these plans into Website and Business & eCommerce. If you want to make a web store you’ll have to use one of their three Business & eCommerce plans. Their prices are fair, and they offer a variety of plans for all types of users. Chances are you’ll find one that works for you. You can view Wix’s current prices here.

GoDaddy on the other hand has no free options, though they do offer a free trial. GoDaddy has four plans to choose from: Personal, Business, Business Plus, and Online Store. Their most expensive option, Online Store, is the only option you have for an eCommerce site. You can check out GoDaddy’s prices here. Given their lack of free option, and more limited plans in general as well as for web stores, we have to say Wix takes it for pricing.

Third, we’ll take a look at the different features of each site builder. Wix is packed with features. It has hundreds of templates you can choose from for your site. You can search by subject or type and find the perfect one for you. And you don’t have to worry about a thing, because every single one of their templates is free to use for any level of user. That’s right, whether you have a free account or a Premium Plan, all of Wix’s templates are available to you. That’s the kind of thought we love to see in a company.

In addition to having a strong suite of basic included features, for anything else you might need the Wix Editor links to the Wix App Market. The Wix App Market has multitudes of apps you can add to your site to get all sorts of functionality. Basically anything you might need is on there. Most of them are free, but some do cost money. However, a lot of the Premium apps still have free versions you can take advantage of. With the defaults you can make a blog or portfolio, or whatever else you want to make. But adding Wix App Market to the mix lets you take your site to the next level.

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Wix also has included in the Wix Editor a Mobile Editor. Just like the normal Wix Editor you can edit your site as it appears on mobile devices. And, again just like the Wix Editor, what you see is what you get. Your site will appear to mobile visitors exactly as it does on the Mobile Editor. While all templates are already optimized to look great on mobile devices, the Mobile Editor is a great way to fine tune and tweak things until they’re exactly as you want them.

Compared to Wix, GoDaddy is severely lacking in terms of design. They have significantly fewer templates to choose from. That’s not really a problem, if you find one you like. Even then, it’s much more difficult to customize. They work on blocks so while there’s ways to work with the template it all feels clunky and restrictive. There are way fewer options in terms of customizing your site, so if you’re hoping for a site that stands out look elsewhere.

GoDaddy does include some features like social media links and themes. However, they lack an app store like the Wix App Market so you’re kind of stuck with what they have. If you just need a very basic site then GoDaddy will be an acceptable choice. If you’re looking for something that’s more in your style, and if you love personalization then Wix is by far and away a better option.

For our last point of comparison we’ll take a look at customer support. We already mentioned that Wix has a huge knowledge base, and that the knowledge base is integrated throughout the site and in the Wix Editor. Honestly, there’s few questions that aren’t addressed in the knowledge base. However, there are some issues that need more personal help. For that, Wix offers a phone line. You can call the phone line directly, in which case you’ll have to navigate their phone menu. We prefer the second option, which is to go on their support page and use the options there to submit a ticket. Once you select the categories related to your issue you are given the choice to either receive a response through email, or have a Wix Expert call you back. They include the estimated wait time on the page, and it’s pretty much always 5 minutes or less. Plus, that way you avoid being on hold, which is nice.

In addition to their phone support, email support, and integrated knowledge base, Wix also has an active community forum. The forum is a great place to search for issues not in the knowledge base, as chances are someone else has posted about it and the solution is right there. If that’s not the case, then you can always make a post for yourself and let the community help you out.

GoDaddy has similar options for customer support. They have a large knowledge base, a community forum, and a phone line. However, it’s not as streamlined as Wix’s systems are. Honestly, you really can’t beat the integration Wix has done with their knowledge base. It’s such a huge time saver.

For all four points Wix comes out on top. GoDaddy may be well-known, but they pale in comparison to Wix in every regard. Do yourself a favor and head over to Wix to see for yourself just how easy and powerful it is.



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Wix Portfolio

Wix PortfolioIf you’re looking to set up a portfolio of your work or make a CV site, Wix is a great place to build it. They have hundreds of templates to choose from, all of which are entirely free to use. Plus, more templates are being added all the time. You can look at their Portfolio & CV templates here, or look through other categories that might also apply and find the best template for your site!

Wix offers tons of templates to start from, and the Wix Editor is a powerful visual editing tool that will allow you to customize your personal portfolio site until it’s flawless. Plus, Wix has a Mobile Editor. Although all their templates will translate beautifully to mobile from desktop, you can use the Mobile Editor to have complete control of your mobile site. It’s as easy to use as the Wix Editor for desktop view. You can personally guarantee a beautiful mobile experience for all the visitors to your site.

Whether you’re an artist, designer, photographer, actor, developer, or anything else, Wix is a great site builder for making your personal portfolio site to show off your work. Even if you have no experience building a website. Wix is intuitive and so easy to use. Your website will come out looking professional and stylish.

Wix is a great site for building your portfolio early, even if you’re a student just trying to get started. Wix has tons of different plans for paid sites, but you can also use it completely for free! This makes it a great resource if you have a low or non-existent budget. You can start building your portfolio now, and upgrade to a better plan with a custom domain down the line with no hassle.

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Wix has a huge variety of templates specifically designed for making portfolios and CVs. They offer services at a wide range of affordable prices, and can even be used entirely for free. With everything Wix has to offer, they’re the best choice of platform for building your portfolio or CV site, hands down.

Wix Website Examples

Wix Website Examples Promo CodeWix has so many templates and so many ways you can customize a template and make it your own. Really, there’s no limit to what kind of site you can make. The templates by default are all very elegant and well-made, which is a strong place to start. However, don’t let that keep you from thinking outside the box. Here are some examples of real websites made on Wix.

Wix is a great site builder for you to make a professional website for your business. Take a look at this website for The Hand Dyed Shoe Company. You can see the great craftsmanship they put into not only their products, but also their website. Smoothly flowing images showing their products and process gives this site an atmosphere that’s both boutique and down to earth.

A stunningly simple small business site made with Wix is this one for Monica Pack Pilates. The website combines stock images and images from the actual business to create a beautiful site with everything you’ll need to know about the business.

Wix is also great for multi-purpose sites, like Linda Franzosi’s professional site. She includes information on who she is and what she does, as well as a blog and portfolio, a shop, and her professional contact and social media. This is a beautiful site powered by Wix.

All of those sites are lovely, but you’re looking for something more unique. Wix has you covered there. You can work with any template to get it exactly how you like. Check out BALTIGQ with their rad 90’s throwback aesthetic. The clip art, the 3D spinning icon, but also with modern twists like the fidget spinner. This site has a strong look, with a clear design in mind, and they nailed it. And it was all made on Wix.

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These websites are just a small sample. To see even more amazing websites made by Wix check out their collection here. With Wix, the sky is really the limit. Whatever grand vision you have for you site can be achieved through Wix.

Wix vs Shopify

You’re ready to start your web store, but you don’t know which platform is best for you. Shopify seems like an obvious choice, since the name implies it focuses on shops. That’s a good start, but not the only thing you should look at. There are many site builders available that support web stores. Wix is a strong contender. Unless you know HTML or CSS or want to hire someone to deal with that for you, Wix is definitely a better option than Shopify for your new web store. Let’s take a more detailed look at both and you can see for yourself.

Wix Vs ShopifyWe’ll start by looking at the usability of both, that is how easy are they to use for building and managing a site. The Wix Editor is a visual interface, and it’s incredibly intuitive to use. We bet you’ll be navigating it like a pro within seconds. If you can use your mouse then you can use the Wix Editor. Move elements around on your site by clicking and dragging, or just click on an element to see what other options you have for editing it. It really is that simple. Plus, with Wix you can rest easy knowing that your customers will see everything exactly as you lay it out when they browse your site live. Simple, elegant, effective.

While Shopify is by no means a bad choice, it doesn’t compare to Wix in terms of ease of use. For simple stores you can get the basics set up and running with easy clicks and filling out data. Once you get to the point where you want more custom work done you’ll either need to start using CSS or else learn Shopify’s own programming language called Liquid. Either way, with Shopify some things are more convoluted and locked behind a skill wall. Wix really outshines it in terms of its user-friendliness.

Next let’s compare pricing. While you definitely want the best features for your plan, you still want to balance that with low cost to maximize your profits, right? While Wix offers a total of six Premium Plans as well as a free option, in order to run a store on your Wix site you’ll need one of the three Business & eCommerce plans. Business Basic is their cheapest plan for running a shop on Wix. At the moment, two of Wix’s eCommerce plans are cheaper than any of Shopify’s plans. And the most expensive Wix option is barely more than the cheapest Shopify option. You can see Wix’s current prices here.

Shopify also has three plans you can choose from. They scale drastically in price. You can see Shopify’s current prices here. What this boils down to is Shopify is likely better for a store that is already successful. Wix is overall much cheaper, and better for when you’re first starting out.

Now here’s the big one: features. Let’s start with Wix. Wix has an enormous selection of templates to choose from. We’re talking hundreds, literally. Not all of those are shop templates, but many are, and more are being added all the time. Plus, every single template is free to use, for free or paid users of Wix. They don’t lock any of their templates behind a paywall. If you find that one perfect template you can rest easy knowing it’s free for you to use.

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Wix includes all the basic features for eCommerce you’ll need with your Business & eCommerce Premium Plan. They allow you to accept multiple forms of payment such as credit card or PayPal, and they’ll notify you when you’ve got a sale so you can ship the item out. For anything that isn’t already included you can check the Wix App Market. The Wix App Market has multitudes of apps you can add to your Wix Editor to beef it up and get the features you need. Many apps are free, and some are Premium with an attached cost. However, even most of the Premium apps have a free version you can use. Wix also has SEO tools you can use to drive traffic to your site. They also have tools to help you manage inventory and other tasks. Basically, Wix can likely do whatever you need it to.

The other thing we’d like to mention is the Mobile Editor. In the Wix Editor you can change to mobile view. From there you’ll be able to adjust your site as it appears on mobile devices. All of Wix’s templates are designed to work flawlessly on both desktop and mobile, but having this little extra bit of control to customize your site is a great benefit.

Shopify of course also has a great suite of features specific to online shops. However, they have a fraction of the designs that Wix offers. Tens instead of hundreds. As we touched on earlier, it’s a more involved process to customize and edit your shop, so you better hope you like the templates they have on offer. Shopify does have some nice inventory management tools, and shopping cart functions. There’s a lot of ways you can configure your shop and it does seem a bit easy to get lost in the reeds. Shopify certainly isn’t bad, but Wix is a lot more painless for the same functions.

Lastly we want to compare customer support for these services. After all, this is your business. On the off chance you need help, you better be sure you’ll receive it. Let’s take a look at Wix first. Wix’s brand of ease of use, and that becomes clear with their vast knowledge base. Pretty much anything you need to know is in there. Plus, their knowledge base is integrated into the Wix Editor. Click on an element, and click on the question icon to see relevant information about it.

However, if you need customer support for something they have a couple options for you. They have a phone line you can call directly. Or you can avoid the phone menu and use the submit a ticket feature online. Once you select your issue from the menu they’ll give you the choice to either receive a response by email, or have someone call you back so you don’t have to wait on hold. They also put the callback wait time right there, and it’s generally under 5 minutes.

The other option Wix has is its awesome community forum. You can search for things you couldn’t find in the knowledge base, and if it hasn’t been asked before you can post and ask yourself. This is great because it can get you the answers you need while also helping other users who encounter the same question in the future.

Shopify has some of the basic contact options you’d expect. They have a phone line, and live chat. They also have tutorials. Like Wix, they also have a community forum. While it’s fairly straightforward for both, we still prefer Wix because of how streamlined their support structures are. The knowledge base integration, as well as the callback with wait time make it a strong contender.

That’s what we’ve got for you. Shopify certainly has its strengths, but it’s much better suited for a larger business. If this is new territory for you and you’re just getting started then Wix is the clear winner.



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Wix Arena

Wix ArenaVisit Wix Arena

Don’t have the time to make your own site, but need something you’ll be able to update easily on your own in the future? Wix has you covered there. In the Wix Arena you have hundreds of talented Wix Expert web designers ready and waiting to make a great Wix site for you!

Wix Arena connects you with a myriad of Wix Expert designers. You can peruse their portfolios and find the perfect designer for you, or you can submit a request to Wix and let them show you 6 Wix Experts that would be perfect for your project! Each Wix Expert sets their own prices, so you can fit the work to your budget.

When looking at Wix Experts in the Wix Arena, remember that these designers are likely working on multiple projects at a time, and so they might take a couple days to get back to you. Plus, some may not work on weekends (and can you blame them?). If you send a message late on a Friday, you may or may not hear back until mid-week.

Remember that not all Wix Experts are the same! Make sure you take a good look at their portfolio, and see if their style matches the look you’re going for. Plus, you get what you pay for. The more work you want your Wix Expert to do for you, the more it will cost. Be sure you have a clear budget in mind, and talk to your Wix Expert about the kind of site they will build for you within that budget. It helps to have a few key features that you know you absolutely must have when you enter negotiations.

Wix is already incredibly easy to use, but facing that blank template can be a bit intimidating. Besides, easy or not it still takes time to get everything together perfectly, and you may not have the time to do it. That’s why Wix Arena is around. You can have a professional Wix Expert do all the heavy lifting and take over from there! Keep working on the other important parts of your project and let a Wix Expert make you a custom Wix site. Don’t worry over your Wix site a second longer! Reach out to a Wix Expert and let them set you up in style!


Wix SEO - Wix Promo CodeWhether you’re already familiar with SEO or just getting into it for the first time, Wix has you covered. For the SEO beginner Wix has a wonderful SEO Guide you can use to get started understanding what SEO is, why it matters, how to use it, and more! We highly recommend going through the guide at least once if you’re unfamiliar with SEO. It’s a great resource, and will help you out in the long run.

To help you out, Wix has the Wix SEO Wiz which you can run through to get started. You’ll have to answer a few simple questions such as your site’s name, if you have a business location (online only or physical), and to pick out a few keywords that define your site and might be commonly used to search for it. Wix will even Analyze your keywords if you want, and tell you how strong or weak they are for driving traffic. From there Wix will generate an SEO plan to help you build your web presence. Your SEO plan will consist of basic steps you can take that will slowly start improving your site’s ranking. If you want a full walk-through of the Wix SEO Wiz, Wix has made this great Wix SEO Wiz tutorial video for you to check out!

In addition to the Wix SEO Wiz, Wix has other ways it helps you with SEO. They have a great blog post with several simple steps you can take to boost your SEO immediately that you may not have thought of.

Wix knows about the important of SEO. They have tons of tools, guides, resources, and blog posts designed specifically to help you out with SEO and your site. There are also more tools available in the Wix App Market to help you manage your site’s SEO. With so many tools and supports so readily available for free with Wix, why wait? Head over to Wix now and start building your perfect website!

Wix Plans

One of the things that makes Wix so great is all the different options you have for using the site. Unlike many site builders, Wix can be used entirely for free. However, they still have seven different plans you can choose from to expand the suite of features available to you for your site.

Wix Plans - Wix Promo CodeThe cheapest plan offered by Wix is the Connect Domain Plan. This plan does basically what the name suggests: it allows you to use all of Wix’s basic features, but on your own domain, rather than being restricted to a Wix sub domain.

Next, Wix offers its Premium Plans. Premium Plans come in two types: Website, and Business & eCommerce. There are three Website Premium Plans and three Business & eCommerce Premium Plans.

The three Website Premium Plans are the Combo Plan, the Unlimited Plan, and the VIP Plan. The Combo Plan is best for personal websites. You’ll be able to use your own domain, remove Wix ads, and get more storage and bandwidth than the Connect Domain or free plans. If you opt for an annual subscription with the Combo Plan you will get a free domain for the first year.

Starting with the Unlimited Plan and up (including Business & eCommerce Premium Plans), all plans include unlimited bandwidth. The Unlimited Plan is a great choice for freelancers and entrepreneurs. For the Unlimited Plan and up (Business & eCommerce Premium Plans included) if you subscribe to the plan annually you will get a free domain for the first year, ad vouchers, and two Premium Wix Apps: Site Booster and Form Builder.

Both the Website Premium Plans and the Business & eCommerce Premium Plans have a VIP option: the VIP Plan for Website Premium Plans and the Business VIP Plan for Business & eCommerce Premium Plans. These two Premium Plans are the only way to get VIP Priority Support. That means for any question or issue that may arise, when you submit a ticket to Wix your ticket will jump to the top of the queue. If you’re running a business and need to be sure that when you need help you can get it ASAP, then the Business VIP Plan is the Premium Plan for you.

Besides the Business VIP Plan, Wix offers two other Premium Plans for Business & eCommerce. Their most affordable Business & eCommerce Premium Plan is the Business Basic Plan. This is a great choice for small business just getting going. You’ll be able to run and manage your web store with Wix’s powerful suite of eCommerce features. Plus, with any Wix Business & eCommerce Premium Plan you can rely on them never taking commission from your sales, unlike some other site builders.

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If you plan on taking advantage of email campaigns then the Business Unlimited Plan might be the Premium Plan for you. In addition to more storage space and video time, you’ll also get support for up to 20 email campaigns per month, sending up to 100,000 emails.

You can check out Wix’s current pricing here. Wix is truly a powerful tool for site building. They offer a wide selection of great plans that will surely fit into any budget.

Wix Domain Cost

Wix Domain CostThe cost of the domain for your Wix site may vary. You can purchase a domain through any service and then connect it to your Wix site with any Premium Plan or the Connect Domain Plan. A plan is required for connecting a domain to your Wix site, so no matter how your domain is acquired there will be a monthly cost. However, with any Premium Plan, if you subscribe annually you can get a domain through Wix free for the first year. This is a great way to save a little cash.

If you would like to purchase a domain through Wix, login and go here to start seeing which domains are available. Once you find the one you want, you can register it directly on Wix.

When registering your domain through Wix they will give you three options. For example:

  • 1 year registration for $14.95 per year
  • 2 year registration for $13.95 per year (6% discount)
  • 3 year registration for $12.95 per year (13% discount)

Please note those prices are for an example domain with a “.com” extension. Prices for your domain may vary depending on your domain extension, among other factors such as region and tax. The best thing to do is run your domain options through the link above and see what your prices might look like. Even so, the registration period options and discounts should remain roughly the same. The savings with the three year registration plan, plus the fact that you won’t have to worry about your domain for three years, are both great reasons to opt for the longest registration period. However, it’s great that they offer shorter periods as well, if you don’t want to commit to a longer registration period.

Since you need a plan to use your personal domain anyway, we highly recommend getting an annual subscription to whichever plan you select, in order to get your domain free for the first year. You can check out all of Wix’s Premium Plans here. While you can opt for a slightly cheaper Connect Domain Plan which will only allow you to connect your domain, upgrading to one of the Premium Plans will net you many more features and be rewarding in the long run.

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Do note that your domain registration cost is annual, and the Premium Plan prices are monthly charges. It makes it a bit easier for both to have them renew annually at the same time, just to make it that much easier for you to keep track.

Unfortunately there is no quick and easy answer for how much a domain costs on Wix. The prices we’ve seen we found to be very reasonable, like the example given above. The best thing you can do to figure out what the cost of your domain will be is to run it through the search and pricing options yourself. Use the link above now to get your Wix Domain cost!

Wix Domain Name

Wix Domain Name - Coupon CodeWhile Wix is great even with its free service, having your own domain name instead of relying on using a Wix subdomain can do a lot for the professional feel of your website. Wix supports a multitude of different domain extensions, so even if the domain name you wanted was already in use with a “.com” extension, you can still get the same name with a different extension. You can check out the full list of available domain extensions that Wix supports here.

If you have a Wix Premium Plan that you subscribed to annually, then Wix is giving you a free domain voucher! These vouchers are only able to be used on select domain extensions. Don’t worry, though. You’ll still be able to use it for some of the most well-known domain extensions, such as “.com”, “.net”, “.org”, and “.co.uk”, plus a few more.

Your domain name is an important choice. It has to be easy to convey, both when written and verbally. If your visitors can’t easily say or spell your web address it’s going to leave a bad first impression. Try to keep your domain name simple and to the point. With so many different domain extensions, Wix makes it easy to snatch up the best, on-brand domain name for your site.

Not only with picking the right domain make it easier for your visitors, it will also help boost your site’s SEO. Considering the enormous myriads of people searching the internet every single day, SEO optimization is something you should be thinking about with every decision you make in regards to your Wix site. Keeping your domain name simple and elegant will not only help your visitors remember the site, it will help your site rank higher and be more searchable in general. This is a huge asset, so make sure you think hard when deciding on your domain name.

Wix Free Website BuilderWhile you want to make sure your domain name is simple, you also need to balance that with how it stands out. It’s not enough to just roll off the tongue, your domain name needs to be memorable as well. Your name is part of your brand, and the best brands are the ones that stick out in the minds of their target audiences. This is true for your domain, just as it’s true for the rest of your branding.

That’s more or less all there is to it. Your domain name is a very important decision. It’s worth taking plenty of time and gathering a list of a few options. Once you have it narrowed down to your favorite choices, head over to Wix and check if your domain is available, and with which extensions. You can quickly find out which domains are available, and how much they will cost to register. From there, you’re all set to go attach your domain to you Wix site!

Wix Wedding Website

Wix Wedding Website - Promo CodeCongratulations! You’re getting married! This is going to be an event to remember, and for something this important you need a beautiful website to direct your family, friends, and all your loved ones. Wix is a fantastic site builder for wedding websites. They have hundreds of stunningly designed templates, all available for free. Not only that, they have dozens designed specifically for wedding sites! Plus, every single template is mobile friendly, so you know your friends and family will love your wedding site no matter what device they use to view it.

With a little customization you can personalize your Wix template to perfectly reflect your love. There are several different styles and tones you can choose to start, and then flavor it with anecdotes, pictures, and more from your wonderful journey. Plus, you can let your invitees RSVP right on the site.

Wix enables you to include all sorts of points of interest on your wedding site. Make cute unique His Story and Her Story pages. Include information on the registry. Of course, tell your invitees which date to save, and when and where the day to remember will take place! Set up a gallery of photos of the two of you together, and update the site after the big day with photos taken during the wedding! This is a great way to tie the entire event together. It starts with the invitations and RSVP’s on your wedding site, and it ends with a stunning gallery of cherished memories on display for everyone to enjoy.

Wix has such a versatile and powerful suite of tools, pretty much anything you’d like to include on your wedding site you can! With Wix you can make a beautiful, professional-looking wedding site in just minutes. The best part is you can even do it for free. That’s right, with Wix you won’t need to spend a penny to make an amazing wedding site. The money you save with Wix can go towards that extra something you had your heart set on for the wedding.

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Making a beautiful wedding site has never been easier or cheaper than it is with Wix. Click here to explore the wedding-related templates that Wix has to offer and see just how beautiful your own wedding site could be. This is your big day, and everything needs to be perfect. With Wix, you’ll have the perfect wedding site. It’s so easy, that’s one less thing to worry about. So why wait? Get started on your Wix wedding site today!

Wix Bookings

If you run any sort of business that offers classes or appointments then Wix Bookings is something you need to know about. Wix Bookings is an app on the Wix App Market that allows customers and clients to easily schedule appointments or sign up for classes directly on your Wix site! The days of phone tag are over!

Wix BookingsWix Bookings works 24/7 to allow your customers and clients to schedule with you on your Wix site. Because part of this may entail payments, you will need one of Wix’s Business & eCommerce Premium Plans to use it. Wix Bookings can also send out email reminders automatically so your clients never forget they have an appointment coming up. On top of which you can even customize the outgoing email reminder. This is a great way to keep every detail of your Wix site completely on brand for you and your customers or clients. Plus, Wix Bookings can even help you with managing your staff calendars.

Wix Bookings is packed with great features. With it you can allow members of your site to sign in and access their appointments. Plus, you’ll be able to edit, store, and otherwise manage your client list. And just to make everything a little easier, Wix Bookings can be synced with Google Calendars, so you can have everything in one place.

Wix Bookings is a Premium app, which means it has an attached price. However, Wix also offers a free version of Wix Bookings. There are three major differences between the free and Premium versions of the app. The Premium version allows you to accept payments, book classes or groups, and send automated reminder emails. The free version is capable of everything else that the Premium version does, and both are quick and easy to get set up on your site. And although the free version does not allow you to take payments right on the site, you can set up manual payments and have your clients pay at the time of the appointment.

Today, Wix Bookings has nearly 1000 customer reviews, and boasts a 4-star rating from real users. It’s developed by Wix themselves, so you know they’ve made it as easy to use as everything else on the Wix platform. If you need booking capabilities on your Wix site, Wix Bookings is the best way to go. Head over to the Wix App Market and check out Wix Bookings for yourself to see exactly why everyone absolutely loves it for their booking needs!

Wix Google Analytics

Wix Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is pretty much a necessity for anyone with a website they want to grow. It can show you a plethora of useful information about your site and its traffic. It will track things like how many visitors your site as received, where they are, the time they spent on your site, individual page views, which keywords brought them to you, and more!

With Wix, you can integrate all that amazing information right into your Wix site. In order to set this up you must have a connected domain for your Wix site, and of course you’ll need a Google Analytics account. When connecting your Google Analytics to your Wix site, you only need to add it once, not for each page. Also bear in mind that if you have multiple connected domains you should only add it to your primary domain.

Connecting Google Analytics to Wix (in 10 easy steps)

  1. Sign in to Google Analytics.
  2. Locate the Admin button in the bottom left and click.
  3. Navigate to the section titled Property and click on Tracking Info.
  4. Find your Tracking Code and copy it.
  5. Log in to Wix and go to Marketing Integrations.
  6. Under the Google Analytics option click Go For It.
  7. Click on the button in the top right that says Connect Google Analytics.
  8. Paste your Google Analytics Tracking Code into the popup window. Make sure you didn’t paste in any extra spaces at the start or end of the code!
  9. Check the IP Anonymization box. This prevents Google from collecting the IP addresses of your visitors.
  10. Click the Save button.

Congratulations! You’re done! Your Wix site now has all the power of Google Analytics behind it! You now have more information directly on Wix that will help you understand your site’s traffic, and help you grow it even more.

Wix Forum

If you’re trying to build a website to cater to a community, Wix has plenty of features you can use. In particular, a really great feature for your community is a forum! Wix supports adding a forum to your Wix site with the Wix Forum app.

Adding a Wix Forum to your Wix site is easy! You can add it directly from the Wix Editor. Simply click the Add Apps button located in the Editor on the left. Search for “Wix Forum” and click the Add to Site button and you’re done! Your site is now ready for you to build a forum! You will now have a Forum page and a Members page on your site.

With the Wix Forum app installed you can now create your forum. In the Wix Editor simply click on Wix Forum and click on Settings. In the settings, click on Categories, and click Show More. From there, simply click Edit and you can start customizing your forum! For more in-depth directions on setting up your Wix forum, check out Wix’s help article on Creating Your Forum.

Wix ForumWith Wix Forum you can set up all sorts of categories, and even subcategories, for your community. Organizing your forum is a cinch. You can do it all in the Wix Editor by just clicking and dragging. Reordering categories, moving categories into subcategories, can all be done with the click of a mouse. Nothing could be simpler!

If you need help moderating your forum, don’t worry! You can easily give moderator privileges to members as you choose! Moderators are able to do things like pin posts, move posts in the wrong category to the proper one, disable commenting, and delete posts. To add a moderator, simply navigate to your list of Members, locate the member you want as a moderator, click Show More and then click Set as Moderator! It’s that easy! Moderator powers can be revoked in the same way, as well. You can easily tell at a glance which members have moderator powers by the presence of a star icon.

Being able to set up a professional looking forum in minutes is just one of the amazing ways Wix makes site building and management a breeze! With Wix Forum you can bring a beautiful forum for your community that only takes minutes to make. With a little extra customization you’ll surely have an amazing forum ready and waiting for your community to make it complete.

Wix Change Template

While many site builders have a small selection of templates, but let you switch between them at will, Wix takes a different approach. Yes, it’s true, with Wix there’s no way to simply transfer your website to another template. More important than what we can’t do, let’s take a look at why Wix doesn’t allow you to switch templates, and what you’re gaining in exchange.

Wix Change TemplateThere’s a distinct difference in templates on Wix versus on other site builders where you can easily swap templates. Think about what swapping templates really means. All your custom images, custom text, sections, pages, and more have to be modular in such a way that they will work in both with no issues. It’s like moving from one house to another. Unless you’re moving into a house that is room for room identical to your old one, you’ll have issues. Yes, all the same basic elements will fit. Your floor plan will be different. Furniture needs to be moved around. It requires a human element to reorder all the pieces. Things can be mishandled or lost, and it will end up taking you working from the ground up just to get everything running.

So, why can those other sites do it? Because other site builders have such bland, monotonous, restrictive templates. They also have fewer templates. In order to create templates where everything can be transferred at the drop of the hat, they have to have the same floor plan. Which means even with unique images and text, all the sites end up looking more or less the same. Wix doesn’t want to give you a different flavor of the same site as everyone else using their service. They want to give you an amazing, personalized, professional, unique website.

Wix doesn’t want to restrict its users. They want you to have the exact website you want to have, and they want to offer tons of different templates to get you started. Since they (and you) don’t have to worry about cleaning up a mess switching from one template to another, new doors open up. Hundreds of doors, actually. Where other site builders have tens of templates, Wix has literal hundreds of templates to choose from.

Don’t freeze up when you’re picking a template, though. Wix won’t lock you in to just one template. It’s true you can’t swap templates, however you can work on multiple templates at a time. Your domain can only be attached to one template. So if you want to switch to a different template, go pick out the new one you want to use and start customizing it offline and behind the scenes. Maybe you have a new gallery of pictures to pull from, and want a completely fresh start. Work from the ground up and give your new site all the love and attention you gave the first one. Then, once everything is build, typed, and ready to go, simply attach your domain to the new site you’ve made. Presto! You have a fresh new layout for your loyal visitors!

This also opens the door for temporary changes. Say you want to decorate your blog for New Year’s but don’t want to manually change everything and then change it back again. Just pick a new template and get it all dressed up and decorated. Then you can easily switch your site to the new design for however long you like, and switch back when you’re done! This is a really fun and creative way to surprise your followers and make your site stand out.

That’s all there is to it. While it may seem inconvenient at first that you can’t simply change templates, it’s not just an arbitrary decision. Wix is able to offer more templates with more diverse and unique designs for their users. You lose one small feature, but gain a ton of great designs and more creative options for your site with Wix.

Wix Nameservers

Nameservers are a part of Domain Name System, more commonly referred to as DNS. A nameserver in particular is a server with installed DNS software. Generally, this is referring to a web host that manages domain names, just like Wix. Wix is a site builder, but it also hosts. This means your site is part of Wix’s nameservers. In order to use your own domain with your Wix site, you’ll have to set it up with Wix’s nameservers.

Luckily, you’re working with Wix, and simplicity is their brand. They’ve made it easy and painless for you to connect your domain to their nameservers. For step by step instructions, check out Wix’s knowledge base article on Connecting a Domain to the Wix Name Servers.

You will only need to worry about doing this if you previously bought a domain through another service, such as GoDaddy. If you instead register your personal domain through Wix, all of this will already be done. In the case you do need to contact a third party about updating your DNS records, Wix has still made it easy. On the link above you will see an email template already made for you. Simply fill out the relevant sections with your information and send it along.

Remember that in order to use your domain with your Wix site you have to be on a plan. While Wix can be used for free, you’re restricted to having a Wix sub domain instead of your own domain. You can upgrade to the Connect Domain Plan for the cheapest way to use your own domain. Or you can choose one of the six Premium Plans to get even more features for your Wix site, as well as being able to connect your own domain.

Plus, with any of the Premium Plans, if you choose to subscribe annually rather than monthly you’ll get a free domain for the first year! This is a great option if you don’t have a domain yet, or if you think it’s time to re-brand and ditch that old domain name.

Wix makes it easy and simple to get your site exactly how you want it. From step by step instructions, to email templates, and more. Wix is the easy choice when it comes to building your website.

Best Wix Websites

Best Wix WebsiteWith Wix offering hundreds of templates and powerful tools for pixel perfect personalization the possibilities are pretty much endless. Depending on how far you decide to stray from your original template you can really bring your Wix site to the next level.

It’s very clear that Wix supports a huge variety of sites from blogs to portfolios to small business and shops. With so many templates to pick from, being able to look at some prime examples can really help you figure out the aesthetic you’re going for and how best to implement it.

Luckily, Wix has a collection of real websites you can peek at that were all made on Wix. You can scroll through their gallery of Inspiring Websites and examine the ones that speak to you or reflect the look you’re going for.

If you’re looking for websites made by professional designers, Wix has a gallery of examples ready and waiting with their Designer Showcase. These websites can show you the real power, elegance, and beauty that can be attained with Wix in the hands of professional designers. Really though, the only thing between you and a beautiful site that looks like it was made by an expert designer is your creativity. Don’t be afraid to break outside the mold of your chosen template. Use it as a jumping off point. Get creative.

Wix is a powerful site builder, and with it you can make a stunning Wix site that will leave a positive, lasting impression on everyone who visits. Be bold. Stand out with Wix.

Wix Dashboard

One of Wix’s top priorities is making everything easy to use. This rings true for the Wix Dashboard as well. The Wix Dashboard will be your main hub and overview for your Wix site. It’s worth taking a couple minutes to familiarize yourself with its information and functions.

Wix DashboardLet’s go over the two primary sections of the Wix Dashboard, starting with the sidebar menu. Your sidebar menu contains a few key tools for your site. If you have additional apps from the Wix App Market your Wix Dashboard’s sidebar menu may have additional sections for those apps.

First we have the Site Actions drop-down menu. Site Actions includes functions for your site overall. You can go through here to open the Wix Editor and edit your site. You can also rename or duplicate the site (good for design overhauls you want to work on offline, or just for backing up your site layout). You can also delete the site or view the live site from here.

Second on the sidebar menu is your Contacts & CRM. This is where you can go to manage your contacts list and manage customers, request payment for services rendered, and use Wix Inbox to connect with your customers.

Third is Marketing Tools. Marketing Tools contains helpful tools such as Wix SEO Wiz and Wix ShoutOut. Both of these and more found here can be used to help drive traffic to your site.

Finally on the sidebar menu we have Settings. Settings contains exactly what you would expect. You can do things like update your business and contact information, adjust your regional settings, and find settings tabs for any apps you may have added from the Wix App Market.

Next let’s talk about your main dashboard. The main dashboard will change dynamically depending on your progress through the basic setup process, and based on apps from the Wix App Market you have installed.

If you’ve just created your site and are still in the process of getting everything set up, the main dashboard will display key steps you haven’t completed yet. This is a great way Wix helps you keep everything organized, and prevents little things from being left undone.

Beyond basic setup, the main dashboard will show you tips for improving your site as well as relevant information regarding how your site is performing. You’ll see helpful posts from the Wix Blog. It will also show you new tools you may want to look into using in the future.

The Wix Dashboard is a powerful tool to help you keep on top of managing your Wix site. It’s a great resource for new tools you can use as well. Plus, you can even access it from within the Wix Editor. Get started using Wix today to see the full power of the Wix Dashboard!

Wix Analytics

Although Wix is compatible with Google Analytics, not every user needs or wants to use it. Still, analytical tools are a great help to any site owner. For this purpose Wix provides their Tracking & Analytics section, where you can manage your various analytics. You can access this feature under the Settings section of he Wix Dashboard’s sidebar.

Wix AnalyticsIn order to use any analytics tools your site must already be published and live. After all, there’s nothing to track for a site that isn’t even up yet. You must also be using a site with a connected domain. That means this feature is unavailable for free Wix users. However, any of the Premium Plans or even the Connect Domain plan is all you need to get going with analytics.

To connect new analytics simple click New Tool and select the one you’d like to add. Some examples include Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and more. You can also use Google Tag Manager or the Custom options to manually add basically any other third party analytics your heart desires. Wix has the basics covered easily, but with a tiny bit of effort you can add any service you want.


Wix ADI is an incredibly powerful and unique tool to help you have a stunning, customized website ready in minutes. ADI stands for Artificial Design Intelligence. Rather than selecting a template and customizing it from there, you can opt to simply answer a few questions and let Wix ADI intelligently design a few different sites for you to choose from.

wix adiWix ADI is a really great feature that isn’t seen anywhere else. It’s like taking a short personality quiz about what kind of site you want to build and then seeing it brought to life before your very eyes. Wix ADI sites still need you to fill in text, but they will come packed with relevant stock images. It even considers the mood and atmosphere you want to convey when it designs your site.

Keep in mind that you can still go back and work from a template later if you want. There’s no pressure to stick with the Wix ADI’s site options. Running through the Wix ADI process from start to finish takes only a couple of minutes, and the results are incredible.

If you’re planning on building a site with Wix you should definitely give Wix ADI a try. You’ll definitely be surprised by the attention to detail of the world’s first artificial design intelligence. It’s also completely free to use, and available to every Wix user. Head on over to Wix now and give the Wix ADI a go!


There you have it, folks! We ran Wix through the wringer and exhausted every major topic and question you might have regarding Wix. We took a good look at how it stacks up against competitors like GoDaddy, WordPress, and Shopify. Wix came out on top every single time. We looked at how Wix is with SEO and found a wealth of tools.

Wix stands apart for how simple and intuitive the Wix Editor is. They’re also home to the world’s first artificial design intelligence. If you don’t feel like browsing the hundreds of templates they have available for free, let an artificial intelligence system design your site for you! It’s not only super cool, it only takes minutes and the results are astounding.

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Wix offers great features like the Wix App Marketplace and the always useful Wix Dashboard. Plus an integrated knowledge base and other amazing support systems are always available to you, whether you’re a paid a free user. Oh, and unlike many other site builders Wix does have an actual free platform, not just free trials.

Now that we’ve covered everything there is to say, what are you waiting for? You’ve got the concept for a great website. Now you have the knowledge and tools with Wix to bring it to life in a way that will look like you paid a professional to do it all for you. Wix gives you the tools and usability you need to finally get your amazing site made and published for the world to see.

To make it that much better, we’ve secured a discounted rate for you to use with Wix. Click here, make your account, and get your site made. Using Wix for any kind of site, personal or business, is always a pleasure. We can’t wait to see the amazing site your creativity, passion, and vision can make with Wix.

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