Rumors are floating around about a new iPhone SE 3 that will be coming out early next year. According to Tech Radar, it’s going to have Face ID and 5G support with projection of an LCD display for the budget-friendly price point we love from Apple!

Apple unveiled the petite iPhone SE in spring of 2020, but this year a new and improved purple iPhone 12 sent social media into a frenzy when it was revealed at their Spring Loaded event.

Apple’s budget bestseller, the iPhone SE has been lurking in obscurity this year. But if you’re still waiting for that elusive device to tuck away into your pocket and take on a new world of tech-savvy adventures with you at every turn, then it might be time to start paying attention again because rumors are stirring up about what we can expect from Apple when they unveil their next model – or not until 2022 as some rumors say.

Face Id Will Soon Launch for iPhone SE 3

An iPhone SE 3 could soon launch with Face ID, which is already present on all of Apple’s current iPhones. The exception being last year’s 2020 phone reboot of the iOS 14.5 release that now includes a feature for using facial recognition while wearing masks too!
According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. The face scanner technology will be coming to all Apple products — not only iPhones but iPads and Macs too.

The iPhone SE 3 Most Likely to Launch in 2022

The iPhone SE 3 is rumored to be launching in 2022 and will feature an updated A14 Bionic chip. The rumors of the release date were echoed by a report from DigiTimes that speculated on its arrival at Apple’s event this fall with word about it coming first half of next year.

iPhone SE 3 Size

The iPhone SE is a compact and powerful smartphone that was designed for those who love to take their devices with them everywhere. The first generation of the device came in 4-inch frame, which made it small enough to be carried around easily while still providing all the power you need. More recent iterations have grown slightly larger but Apple has always prioritized making these models as lightweight as possible so they don’t weigh people down when taking them on trips or just walking from place to place!

According to one analyst, Apple has no plans on changing any of its dimensions from 2020’s model (a 4.7-inch screen). It may also have a plus-sized option that caters more towards those who want an affordable but large phone experience on their budget as well.

iPhone SE 3 Retro Design Here to Stay?

I’m not sure what to believe with all of these rumors, but it looks like the iPhone SE is sticking around. Kuo’s report says we’ll see a similar design and they may even put Touch ID on the physical home button for more tactile feedback. I mean, that signature chunky bezel isn’t going anywhere!

Apple is Rumored to be Sticking with an LCD Display for the iPhone SE 3

This does make sense considering similarly priced phones like the OnePlus Nord and Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 10 Pro rock crisp OLED panels. But a recent report by Kuo said that while there may not be many major changes on this newer model of phone, it will support 5G connectivity and come equipped with upgraded processors in addition to other features.

Are There Plans for an iPhone SE 3 Plus?

Apple’s iPhone SE Plus has received a lot of attention in recent months, with rumors and speculations swirling about the new device. Tech YouTuber Jon Prosser recently posted on Twitter that he had seen an unreleased prototype for Apple’s plus-sized iteration of their popular smartphone model.

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Updated On: August 20, 2021