Best Dentist WordPress Themes – Top 9 Options

Trying to decide on which theme to go with for your new site can be confusing. Have you ever browsed through a selection of themes and said to yourself – “They all look so similar”? You are not alone. The medical fraternity has a strong online presence. How to choose the best theme for your site, as a dentist, can be time consuming. You don’t have much time to spare. That is why we are here, to help you decipher the land of dentist WordPress themes.

If you are looking for an in depth technical analysis of each of the 9 best themes featured, you will be disappointed. That is not our specialty. Instead, this will focus on the “feel” of each theme. Placing ourselves in the viewers shoes, we will relay how the theme appears and functions from the visitors point of view.

Before we go into each of the 9 best themes selected, let’s go over a few basic elements of themes. It is important to have an understanding of what their function is before deciding on which one to install.

In simple terms, themes are the layout of your site. Features that will be included in your theme selection consist of font, color, layout of pages, where your widgets are located, and how your blogs are styled and archived.

Themes are available for free and at a cost. The advantage, and this is important, between free and premium (the ones that are not free) themes is that your premium ones will offer support if something goes wrong. In some cases, premium themes also grant the site builder with more creative license.

What do you say, let’s get into the reviews of the 9 Best Dentist WordPress themes:


Dentario Dentist by THEME REX


Best Dentist WordPress Themes - #1 Theme Rex

Upon first look at the Dentario Dentist, we love the grey scrolling bar to let the viewer know the pages are live. The layout is easy on the eyes, as the top half is dedicated to contact information, hours of operation, and logo.

Easy to navigate mapping lets the viewer know exactly where to go. Images are transitioned smoothly into the layout, especially head-shots of fellow dentists.

As you scroll to the bottom of the home page, we love the consultation form placement. Right below it is a convenient link to make an appointment, highlighted in blue.

There are a couple home page layout options available, and each is visually aesthetic. We personally consider this one of the best dentist WordPress themes available.


Dentalia Dentist by ORION THEMES


Best Dentist WordPress Themes - #2 Orion Themes

For those who are sold on first impressions, and are more inclined to be attracted to photographs, the home page of Dentalia strikes the viewer with clear imaging. The top half of the landing page is devoted to contact information, hours of operation, and a link to book an appointment.

The lower half of the landing page is devoted to a photo and informational advertising. Very attractive at that. These images, and informational advertisements, change as a slideshow with smooth transition.

As you scroll down the home page, the layout is colorful and sectioned. It is not difficult to track your progress on the site with the color breaks and sectioning.


Dentalux Dentist by ANCORA THEMES


Best Dentist WordPress Themes - #3 Ancora

The first impression that we have of the Dentalux theme layout is a “Corporate America” feel to it. The top half of the landing page is not littered with text, instead it has carefully placed contact information and hours of operation.

Helpful navigational links are conveniently located in the center, so visitors will not have any difficulty finding their way. The centrally placed images rotate in a slideshow format, although slowly on the sample theme provided.

The “Meet The Team” section was disappointing, as the images were too small, not offering the visitor a good look at each physician. A Dentist-Patient relationship is based on the patient’s trust in the dentist, so the photos provided should better illustrate their personality.


Health Center by VAMTAM


Best Dentist WordPress Themes - #3 VAMTAM

A nice touch to the Health Center theme was noticed upon loading the home page. You will notice, by the way, that the emphasis of each of these reviews is on the homepage first impression. After all, first impressions are everything, right?

So, back to the loading of the page. At first, all that was noticed was the header. Then, suddenly, a heart shows up in the middle of the page. Instantly, the home page loads following the heart. Nice first impression.

Various layouts are offered. What stands out the most, however, is the customer testimonials on the support team at VAMTAM. If you have difficulties, it is evident that they are here to help you. Out of all the dentist WordPress themes, this one really gives you many solutions to use.


Dental Health by DESIGN THEMES


Best Dentist WordPress Themes - #5 DESIGN THEMES

Love the opening, as the little tooth brushes itself. What is impressive about Design Themes work is the wide selection of layouts. Take, for example, the header and navigation choices.

The overall feel of their theme is simple. You will find minimal text and bordering. The benefits that come from this style for your site visitors is less chance for them to get lost and confused as they navigate your site.


Dental Clinic by DESIGN THEMES


Best Dentist WordPress Themes - #6 CMS MASTERS

The first thing that stands out with Dental Clinic by CMS Masters is the eye catching transition slides on the home landing page. In the “Meet Our Doctors” section, the photos of the Medical Professionals are sized appropriately with the bios.

A nice blend of small sections with larger ones greets each visitor to the site, keeping their attention, as they scroll down the home page. The only potential disadvantage to this would be for those who find the contrast between small images to larger ones visually disturbing.


Dentist Dental by WP HUNTERS


Best Dentist WordPress Themes - #7 WP Hunters

Knowing how frustrating it is when you have a problem and are trying to receive help, we had to mention the support team at WP Hunters. They are highly reviewed for being there for their customer base when they have questions, and that means a lot.

Loading the homepage brought up an inviting, almost soothing, blend of color and imaging. There is a blend of colors from the header down that helps the viewer navigate the sight, all the while not too overbearing.

As the visitor scrolls down the home page, an ease of transition occurs. Again, properly sized images with well placed text makes this theme a pleasure to view and navigate.


Dentistry Clinic by UDAYRAJ


Best Dentist WordPress Themes - #8 - Stylemix

We choose the green demo with Dentistry Clinic, and upon loading was pleasantly surprised by the speed and smooth transition. As the visitor scrolls down, what caught our eye was the “Highly Qualified Dentists” section.

An emphasis has been placed in these reviews on this portion of the themes. Again, when people are looking for a medical professional, they are entering upon a relationship with someone that they will trust. The focal point of this theme, in this section, is on the photos, not the text. This welcomes the viewer to see the persona of each medical care provider.




Best Dentist WordPress Themes - #9 Stylemix

Loading the Dent-All home page was disappointing. Whether this was due to some error, or if it is designed this way, is unknown. However, it was a scattered experience as the header showed up, then a blank screen, a flash of color, and then the homepage.

Once we got past that glitch, this theme is stimulating. Lots of action waits each visitor, as slides transitioned in various ways.

The header contained the essential contact information, and a navigation bar is easily seen at the top right. The “Our Team” section highlights the personality of each Dentist.


Conclusion – The Best Dentist WordPress Themes

You may be asking yourself – “Are any of these themes mobile friendly”? Good news, every one of the 9 listed are mobile compatible. For those unaware, what this means is that a person can visit your site from a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone and your site will load so that they can view it accordingly.

While it may seem that we were critical of a few of the themes, bear in mind that each of these 9 made the list for a reason. These are not your cheap, just a few frills themes. They have been tested, and downloaded by many users already and have proven their worth. Would you rather have someone try to sell you a product or service and only share the perceived positive? Or, would you rather have an honest appraisal?

Each business today that intends on being a success needs a site that is user friendly. This is not all, however. When it comes to the medical profession, it needs to be professional in appearance and operation. With the 9 choices listed here, this should be all that you need to create a user friendly, professional site for your patients and vendors alike.

So, there you have it! The best dentists WordPress themes available as we know it. With each of them, you will also find a great customer support team ready to assist you with any questions that may arise.