Best Construction WordPress Themes – Top 10 Options

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms online right now. Many businesses, including those in the construction industry, use it to market their products and services to their target audiences, but they also use it to build and design their own websites. So for those of you who are thinking about using WordPress to design your construction business’ websites, this is a blog post containing the best construction WordPress themes out here. This blog post will review each of the top 10 best construction WordPress themes that are currently available and go in detail on the design, feel, and benefits of each one.

Construction by VANTAM


Best Construction WordPress Theme - #1 Vamtam

This is one of the best construction WordPress themes for business websites on the market. It was specifically built for businesses offering building services, architecture, engineering, cleaning, and other construction-related services. It is suitable for both big and small businesses in the industry, as well as for both advanced web developers and programming beginners (the theme comes with video tutorials for those who are just getting started in web development). Its design is purpose oriented, exuding confidence and reliability, making the business look like one that customers can trust and count on.

This WordPress theme has many great features. Features include a fully responsive web layout as well as endless web layout possibilities for web design creativity and flexibility. More design features include unlimited styles, multi-footer formats, and over 600 Google fonts. It also comes with high speed performance and high-quality customer support. The theme is SEO friendly, which helps with the marketing side of developing your website on WordPress, as well as a one-click demo content installer. It is also translation-ready, which is great for businesses who are international or have multilingual clients. Finally, the theme comes with drag & drop building features to make developing the website easier and less time-consuming, and is multiple with many different website platforms and servers.


WP Construction by WP CHARMING


Best Construction WordPress Theme - #2 WPCHARMING

Another wonderful theme for construction and other building- related companies, WP Construction by WP Charming has a sleek and polished design that feels friendly, comforting, and above all, professional. The theme comes with a drag and drop page builder, also known as Visual Composer, to make designing your website easier and more flexible. The layout is also compatible with many different formats, adjusting to any screen size whether it be a tablet or smartphone or desktop computer while still maintaining its beautiful look. It also comes with many different options for design customization, allowing you to change the visual style and look of any of the theme’s elements for your website without touching or interfering with a single line of code that could mess the whole thing up. Features include one-click demo importer, one-click theme updates, free visual page builder, free slider revolution, free essential grid, a fully responsive layout for any type of device, advanced theme options, over 600 Google fonts, WPML compatibility, translation-ready formats, and an amazing customer support team.


Construction by ANPS


Best Construction WordPress Theme - #3 ANPS

This theme is focused specifically on construction companies and other types of businesses in the building industry, and includes everything from Visual Composer, Revolution slider, WooCommerce support, and an advanced and high-quality admin panel for better web management. It is suitable for users and programmers who are new to WordPress or who have little prior experience with coding and web design or development. The theme options are easy to use and provide a wide range of options for beginners to make website design and customization quick and easy. This theme also looks very sleek and polished, with a warm and professional shine that looks and feels very modern and appealing. This theme is WPML certified and compatible, with unlimited color options for style, one-click demo import, and multiple control page options. The theme is also 100% responsive, meaning it will retain its design on any type of device whether desktop or mobile, and an awesome customer support team who is always ready to help with any type of technical issue or question. Finally, this theme comes as a “boxed version”, which means that the theme’s layout allows for further design customization if a customer wants to tweak the theme even more. The boxed version will allow these users to add patterns, images, or solid colors as the website’s background.


Constructed Construction by CLUSTER THEMES


Best Construction WordPress Theme - #4 CLUSTER THEMES

This theme was created in WordPress for construction companies, building firms, and companies providing services in plumbing, heating, tiling, painting, refurbishment, plastering and rendering, partitions & ceilings, and carpentry and joinery. It was also created for professional architects and architectural firms. This theme comes with over thirteen fully-responsive pages in WordPress, along with menus, pop-ups, hover states, and other small details and features. The design looks colorful and modern, with a unique geometric and movable design that fits well with the theme of building and construction. This design in turn makes the theme, and any website that uses it, feel very modern, original, and personable.

The theme comes with Visual Composer, and is responsive and retina-ready, meaning it is suitable for viewing and using on any type of device including mobile. It is also niche-oriented, which means that it has been specially crafted for the construction and building imagery, with colors and images and icons designed specifically for them. Colors include yellow and black and images and icons are very geometric, which evoke building and construction. The theme also comes with stylish and informative pop-ups that can be used to grab the attention of site users, as well as a reinvented site menu and an amazing looking pricing table. Other features include a revolution slider, multiple PSD theme files, WPML compatibility, SEO readiness, documentation and video for further assistance with theme installation and development, and finally a friendly customer support team.


Construction by IRON NETWORK


Best Construction WordPress Theme - #5 IRON NETWORK

This is a comprehensive theme on WordPress designed to cater to the needs of businesses providing architectural, engineering, and other construction-related services. It has been built with the best in web development practices and with a sleek and modern design. The theme is fully-responsive and is easy to customize, making working with it and using it for one’s website an easy and enjoyable experience. It comes with seven different layouts for the home page that are all integrated with unique images, icons, animations, and sliders. The design feels modern and professional, and is very appealing to users’ eyes. It will let any business website that uses it give off the sense that they are leading authorities in their field and that they can be relied on to provide the best in architectural, engineering, and other construction-related services.

Other design features include over 14 different layouts for headers, allowing developers to make every page of the website beautiful and unique. Customization features allow for further creativity and flexibility when designing the website. Premium plug-ins are included and integrated for free, such as Visual Composer and Revolution slider. It is also completely supported through detailed documentation and an online customer support team for technical assistance. It is also WPML certified.

Iron Network’s construction theme’s core features include WPML compatibility, advanced theme options, full responsiveness, free revolution slider and visual page builders, one-click theme updates and demo importers, over 600 Google fonts, and translation readiness.


Construction by NUNFOREST


Best Construction WordPress Theme - #6 NUNFOREST

This theme is suited for any type of business, big or small, in the construction and building-related industry. It has a clean and polished design with bright green accents that pop and can easily grab the attention of site users without being hard on the eyes. It feels very modern and professional but also unique and friendly. It gives off the feeling that the business that uses this WordPress theme for its website can be trusted to provide the best quality in whatever they do and that they are enjoyable to work with.

The theme includes many features, including Visual Composer page builder, multiple custom design elements, a powerful admin panel, retina and SEO readiness, WPML compatibility, fully-responsive for all types of devices, 24/7 customer support, detailed and credible documentation, RTL language support, Revolution support, hundreds of options for fonts and icons, one-click import sample data, and more.


Craftsman Construction by LJUBE77


Best Construction WordPress Theme - #7 LJUBE77

This WordPress theme for construction and construction-related companies is simple and appealing, with a very sleek, modern, and uncomplicated feel. This theme gives off the sense to the business websites that use it that they are easy and enjoyable to work with.

This theme is fully-responsive, making it compatible and easy to use with all different types of devices. It is also retina ready, which means that it is easy on the eyes and comes with perfect clarity in its look and design. This theme is also very simple for installation and usage, and comes with all the necessary theme features that makes it easier for any type of business to establish, maintain, and boost their online presence, including assistance with online projects, blog updates, testimonials, and more.

For design customization, features include four different layouts for the web pages’ top headers and two additional layouts for page columns and sub-headers. Layout details are easily customizable and adjustable, allowing for more creativity and flexibility for the web developer, and come with more options for color schemes and transparency effects.

Every page and post on the website can be easily configured for further freedom with the overall design, and the availability of over 600 Google fonts adds to this theme’s unlimited possibilities for making any business website look unique and appealing to potential customers and website visitors.


Construction by SW LABS


Best Construction WordPress Theme - #8 SW LABS

The template for this theme has a very modern, unique, and professional look to it that is highly appealing and simple to use and customize. It is fully-responsive and compatible for use on any type of device, and has been specially designed for any business in the building and construction industry, including factories, plumbers, and cleaning services.

The theme is also very fun to use, created with interesting interactive animations and beautifully coded details. This theme will not only be fun for web developers to install and customize but for the business’ customers and website visitors to see and engage with. Its color scheme has a lot of warm colors, primarily yellow, evoking a sense of familiarity and credibility in the construction and building industry for any related business that chooses to use this theme for their website. This theme has more features coming soon but for now, features include eye-catching and attention-grabbing web pages, template and multi-site demos, plug-ins like Visual Composer and Revolution slider, and over 25 different customization options and useful code shortcuts to make designing and customizing the website not only easier and less time-consuming but more efficient and enjoyable.


Construction Pro by WRAP WP THEMES


Best Construction WordPress Theme - #9 WRAP WP THEMES

This theme has a clean and modern design, with lots of warm colors like yellow against a solid black background which makes it simple and uncluttered as well as easy on the eyes. It can be used for any type of business in the construction industry, including building renovations and electricity services. The theme comes with many different design variations, allowing the web developer creativity and flexibility to make their websites look as unique and appealing as possible. The theme customization options are unique and intelligent and give off the sense that the businesses that use it are smart, uncomplicated, and leading authorities in their field.

And finally,


Construction by FIT WP


Best Construction WordPress Theme - #10 FIT WP

This WordPress theme for construction companies is beautiful and modern, offering many design customization options that allow the web developer more flexibility and control when designing the unique look of their business websites. It has been built with the latest in web design and development technologies and has a coding quality that makes it fully responsive and easy to install and use on any type of device. The design of the theme will make any website feel unique, sophisticated, and credible.



And there you have it. The best construction WordPress themes that are available online today. This should be all you need to add that professional and eye-catching look to your business website.

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